FWB neighbor during the shutdown.

I’m a 24 year old furloughed state park attendant. My husband’s 25, appraises homes now working from home. Our normal schedules are crazy but thought this lockdown would give us the opportunity to get pregnant since only takes him 2 hours per day to finish his daily work assignments. However, he joined an online VR online group to use his gaming gear his parents got him for Christmas. He never leaves his room once the headset is on.
The second week in April, a guy in our neighborhood texted his pool is open and invited us over. The guy works from home, 51 and hot for his age. His wife’s an essential worker and gone during the day. My husband hates the outdoors and wasn’t having any of that. So, I went. After a few glasses of wine, I was venting about my husband and I told him I did the naked challenge 4 times and he failed each time. He didn’t know what it was. I explained and he asked me to try it on him. I felt relaxed, we were both flirting and I thought it’d be fun. He got his phone and started looking at facebook. I went to another room, took my cloths off and walked past him. He noticed! Things got spontaneous and we had s**. His oral skills are amazing & toe curling! Whew! The best part, he’s had a vasectomy and his marriage is open so no worries about his wife telling or getting mad.
During the lockdown, I was going to his place after his wife left for work. My husband stayed home VR gaming.
My job called and I start back Monday. We’ve agreed to keep our FWB relationship as things start returning to normal. His wife knows and assured me she doesn’t mind and encouraged me to visit him more in the future. What’ bad is, within a three week period, I’ve had more s** with my neighbor than with my husband this year!

May 30, 2020

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  • Nice. Startup a conversation with your husband about cuckold fantasies. See what he thinks about it. He may get excited about it.

  • Dump your husband.

  • Yeah, just a bit envious here.

  • Very hot! I wish I had a pool!

  • Nice. happy for you.

  • You're too young to be with a kid that has zero s** drive! To bad your fwb had a vasectomy! ;) you should be getting f***** like a h***** on a sailors payday!
    Well i guess you are ;)

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