To cheat or not to cheat

I just started working at my new job at a restaurant about a month ago. a lot of the guys up there have been flirting with me, and i flirt back. but one of the guys, a server, is the one i find the most attractive and likable. we’ve been flirting pretty much since i started and one day i had told him that i would come in later to get some food and wine and that i would sit in his section so he would be my server. so i did, and i dressed in a way that i knew he would like. and he did. you could practically see his waist apron bulging out right in the middle. on my way out, he told me that if i came around him dressed like that again he would rip my clothes off. it may be because of the wine, but i don’t think i can say i’ve ever gotten so wet over one sentence. we’ve been texting and he wants to hook up, either at work, or outside of work, which is risky. why? i have a boyfriend, we’ve been together for a while, but he just recently cheated on me. we have a whole life together, we live together, we share a car, and a lot more, but he cheated on me and i’m trying so hard to forgive him but i don’t think i ever can because he was fully aware of my severe trust issues. if i break up with him i have nowhere to go and no car. should i it and in the process get back at my boyfriend? i don’t necessarily want him to find out if i do, it’s more just to even things out between us. also, the server in question has a girlfriend of his own i’m pretty sure, idfk, so it’s not like i’m leading him on. and i’m not using him either, the revenge tidbit is just a bonus.

Dec 31, 2019

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