I lied about my exhusband to get a cpo

I said that he had raped me and twisted my arm he never did that. It worked!

Dec 26

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  • I would love to rape you its my old dream

  • Okay. But it worked because you committed perjury. And if what you just typed above should ever come to light, you'll be spending some time in jail. And your husband will sue you, not just for divorce, but for defamation. And you'll be on your ass . . . . . . . for the rest of your life. Work things out with your husband, get back together with him, and get him to sign a mutual release of all grounds for divorce and all other claims. Start fresh. Move home (or let him move home) and put ALL THIS behind you. Otherwise karma will be gnawing on your butt forever. You did a baaaad thing, Gracie.
    And you gotta undo it.

  • I know this type of thing happens often. It is evil but it happens

  • Thanks for helping to give women a bad name, you stupid c unt!

    The #woke crowd is stroking itself madly right now re: "toxic masculinity." Not a single one of them will admit toxic *femininity* is a thing too. Humans are toxic no matter what's in their pants, and denying that isn't changing a thing.

  • Women can not be trusted.

  • How would you know?

  • What else are you capable of lying about? I definitely would not TRUST you!

  • This happened to me and it’s bull shot. I think ppl that do this is right above pedo

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