Asking my mother to give me a spanking

When I was 15 years old I was very fascinated by the idea of being spanked over the knee of a strict woman.
So fascinated that I thought about asking my mother to spank me.
She was the closest one I could come to think of giving me the spanking I soo wanted. After many days of thinking about it, I finally decided
So one afternoon I aproached my mother and stood nervously before her and politelty asked her to spank my bare bottom over her knees.
I blushed beet red and could not even look at her from shame.
My mother looked at me and asked why I wanted to be spanked.
I told her I wanted to know what it felt like and that I felt like a naughty boy just asking her to spank me.
We talked about it a bit and I told her that I really wanted this to happen.
Well she said, if you want a spanking, then I will give you one.
I swallowed hard and felt both nervous and very excited.
Go to your room and put the chair in the middel of the room and wait for me my mother said. I will get my hairbrush and then you will go over my knees and get a good hard bare bottom spanking young man.
I did as I was told. The straight back chair stood in the middel of the room as my mother came in holding her wooden hairbrush in her right hand.
I was very excited as my mother sat down and put her hairbrush in her lap.
Now this is going to be the real deal young man.
I decide how long and hard you will be spanked young man, without exceptionel and you better be sure this is what you want.
Once I pull your pants and underpants down there is no going back. Then you will be spanked good and hard and no pleading, begging or promises will help you.
Are we clear on that young man my mother asked me?
Yes Maam I said.

Good then let me get you prepare for your spanking my mother said and pulled my pants and underpants down to my ankles. She picked up her wooden hairbrush and told me to stand on her right side. I did as she told me.

Get over my knees young man my mother said. I obeyed her and placed myself over her knees and felt her ajust my position until my bare bottom was right where she wanted it.
Then my mother raised her right hand holding the wooden hairbrush and began spanking my bare bottom good and hard. Alterning from left to right cheek I got the spanking I had asked for and I stung bad.
I reached back with my right hand to protect my bottom, but my mother easily held it away from my reddening bottom with her left hand and spanked me fast and hard.
The tears came quick and I begged, pleaded and promises the world if only she would stop spanking me.

After what seemed like an eternit my mother decided I had learned my lesson and put her hairbrush down. I was told to stand and was then led to the corner of my room by my mother and told to stand there with my nose against the walls until I stopped crying.
Hold your hand on your head young man and do not move a muscle until I say so my mother told me.

10 minuttes passed and I was told to turn around and come to my mother.
I did still having tears in my eyes.
Well that is what a real life spanking feels like young man my mother said.
Did it meet your expectations?
Yes Maam I said. It hurts and stings do bad.
Can I please rub my bottom I asked. Of course you can my mother said and I desperately tried to rub the sting away.

Today my wife has taken over the responsabilities of spanking me and uses a solid wooden bathbrush to punish me with.
That stings worse than my mothers hairbrush.

Dec 27, 2020

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  • Oh man, my whole life I have been wanting this , but I'm 44yrs old and still have not been given what I want and deserve so bad. I'm a lonely guy and love women so much. I wish that I could find a sweetheart that would nurture and love me and discipline me so I could find happiness. It seems like it will never happen for me for some reason. I'm envious.

  • I wish I had done this when I was around 12 or 13. I had a snotty attitude and wasn’t as respectful to my mom as I should have been. I felt really bad about it, but also didn’t stop doing it.

    I wish I had the courage back then to ask for a spanking. And I wish it was like this, not going easy on me, but insisting that it had to be a true punishment. I think I could have improved my attitude if I had gotten my pants and underwear pulled down, taken across mom’s lap, and spanked with a hairbrush until I’m crying hard

  • It is hard for a guy to ask his mother for a bare bottom spanking. To have
    to stand there naked in front of her and my younger sister. Glad I did it but
    was completely unprepared for how much that spanking hurt. Then, to come out of the corner for the second round I was a crying mess.

  • Being completely naked over a woman knees on a daily basis to me is the most beautiful thing and any woman who would love to spank me bare naked bottom over her knees just message me and take complete control of me on a daily basis ma’am,

  • Wish I can get a bare naked bottom spanking. Never had a mom to spank me over her knees on a daily basis if I was naughty. I just wish a woman spank me.

  • Good for you. I wish I had the nerve to go though with asking my mom to spank me when I was 15.

  • The fascination is strange. I had cousins who were spanked like that and I thought it was a lie because my parents never did that. How embarrassing!-I thought. I had been spanked over my pants but never bare; I couldn't even imagine it. My aunt was a bossy woman and ran that house so I could see her administering a spanking but I somehow thought that I was immune from her because I wasn't her kid.
    Then I stayed with them over the summer. The "F" bomb I dropped got me my first one from her. Standing at the foot of the bed, hands on the bed, pants and undies around my knees. She wore me out and the whole time I couldn't believe it was happening. I sobbed. It was routine to her and she didn't think second thing about it. It got to the point that when I got into trouble (and I got into trouble a lot because I was a hot-heated kid with a smart mouth), the "go-to" punishment was spanking. Oddly, I got used to it that whenever she would tell me what was getting ready to happen, I'd take down my pants and underwear and lean over the bed without being told to or having her do it.
    The worst one was over her knees in the basement while she sat on a folding chair. She grabbed the ping-pong paddle and administered it. I remember the sound of the paddle hitting my bare butt. That sound and my screams echoed in the concrete block basement so loudly that I could hear my cousins laughing upstairs.
    Once over dinner a few years ago, she brought it up and we all laughed.

  • I so miss my mother's bare bottom spankings/strappings. The embarrassment
    was so great. Standing in front of my mother without a stitch on was so nice.
    Especially if any of my sisters were in the room. Then, after the lecture time, to walk towards my mother, nothing on, for the sole purpose of getting my bare bottom spanked. Why do some of us guys like this so much?

  • 14. Then we make love. Mom is 63 now.

    My father died when I was 13, Mom was a wreak, never leaving the house only wearing a robe. I was acting up from the lost. Then one night before bed she snapped and dragged me across her knees and spanked me. Her robe opened up as I struggled to get free, she was naked. Suddenly she just stopped had dug her nails in my ass. I realize now she had an o*****. She grabbed my hair and made me suck her boots.

    After that it happened every night. I just started coming to her naked, she would open her robe, I sucked her b****, then she spanked me. She always came. I let her do it as it made mom happy, I have been the only man in her life since then. At 15, she took my virginity.

    I'm in love with her.

  • I was spanked by my mother when I was young, and through a different approach I goaded my older sister into spanking me. Like it was with your mom, it was something I needed and still get many decades later from women.

  • I so wish

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