I want a gf

I’m so full of so much love, and I’m so lonely as well. I just really want a girlfriend, but I don’t know how if we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. I think I’m starting to get desperate, and I want a gf so badly, but idk how or what to do to get one. Dating apps are strange and idk if they’re for me, and all my friends are just that, friends. I am so lost

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  • The goal is to get you out of the house.: -take a walk around your area and do kind things to others - don't expect anything in return-you will be noticed and you will get a gf. --volunteer close to your home and repeat the same kind behavior. it worked for me.

  • Its a matter of luck and time. No one really cares in this s***** world unless you have loads of money. I use to pray and crave nothing happened until i had a job to buy a bitc h and fuckked her like a animal enjoyed her screaming and then c** deep inside her...

  • Sounds great getting f***** and cummed in

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