Close Friend Says He Will Not Speak to Me If I Vacation in FL

20, F, currently in PA. It is the 30th at the time of typing this. My sister and I leave on the 2ed. We have an entire house reserved from Jan 2 through March 2. My friend (and at one point, my boyfriend) of 5 years has told me he will never speak to me again if I go through with these plans. He is worried that I will get sick with Corona and spread it to my family, friends, and coworkers. I have told him that it will be almost impossible since our house on the beach is private. I also intend to quarantine for 2 weeks when I return. He still argues that it puts myself and others at risk, and has said it is illegal to enter FL without reason since it is a hotspot for the virus. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but he has been with me for so long that I am afraid of losing him. Our argument ended roughly and I haven't spoken to him in about two days. Looking for honest advise. What should I do? The place and tickets are paid for. I can't get all of my money back if I got a refund. Plus my sister has been looking forward to the trip for a while now. Am I being stupid, or is he being paranoid?

Dec 30

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  • I have lived in Florida for 25 years now and it is safer here with fewer restrictions than most places in the country. Your friend is an idiot. Have fun while you are here. 😀

  • Florida is a shitpile of disease and denial. Stay home, and tell your so-called "friend" to suck it. Don't go anywhere, until several weeks after the vaccines have been administered. Then, go and celebrate. Leave your "friend" at home. He's a buzz- kill and a b****.

  • There is legitimacy to his concerns. Without question. He isn't paranoid. Florida is a f****** Petri dish FULL of virus. But you're a grownup, and you have the right to make your own decisions and assess and accept your own risks, without influence --- or even input --- from anyone, unless you seek it out. But here's the bigger problem. If you capitulate and skip the trip, it's likely he will assume and expect that you'll ALWAYS do that for the rest of your relationship, at least when it comes to major decisions. If you go, you have to put him out of your head. If you don't go, you have to make it clear to him that he's not suddenly the boss of you. That will be tricky. My two cents, which is worth even less than that is . . . . . . . . DO NOT GO. The risks aren't worth the benefits, and the money you'll lose isn't worth getting dead trying to save. I have several friends who've died from COVID, and several more who have had it and SUFFERED with it. This isn't the flu and it should not be considered cavalierly. But whatever you choose to do, do it because it's what you choose. If you go, mask up continually, wash your hands maniacally, avoid crowds consistently (no bars, music clubs, restaurants or auditoriums), keep your house cleaned psychotically, and take as much hand-sanitizer and as many cleaning pruducts and bleach as you can afford.

    My last observation is this. I assume this guy honestly believes himself to be trying to protect you, but you should understand that anyone --- ANYONE --- who conditions the continuation of his friendship on you doing as you're told is not a friend, and doesn't know the meaning of the word "friend". A person who does that is --- please pardon the expression --- a "M***********". Whatever you decide, enjoy yourself, stay safe, be well, and take every care.

  • Seems quite controlling and manipulative. Get this toxic person out of your life.

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