When we were younger and our daughter was about 14 in high school I developed this urge to watch her with another man and she fought this for several months before she agreed to j******* our friend Danny.

I had talked to Dan about this before so when I asked him if he would do it he readily agreed.

We told him to come over about 10: 00 because on school nights that was her bed time

Jessica was bitchy and nervous when he showed up and Cindy was on her way to bed so she told him good night and went upstairs.

We waited until she was quiet then went into the living room and we all sat on the couch with Jessica in the middle and I wanted to get started but she refused to do anything until Cindy was asleep so we whispered back and forth nervously and finally she said go check if she is asleep and I left Cindy was snoring softly and I hurried back down .

I whispered she is asleep and Jessica was nervously dry washing her hands together as she glanced over at Dan and he stood and unbuckled his pants and pushed them down Jess swallowed looking terrified when his hard d*** popped out of his pants and she laughed softly .

I encouraged her to start but she looked undecided back and fort at Dan and I before she reached out and wrapped her fingers around his shaft then she said it feels so hot but she slowly began stroking him awkwardly with him standing and her sitting on the couch so I said sit Dan and Jess can kneel on the floor so they did and it looked more comfortable that way .

Jess told Dan if you ever tell anyone about this I am going to cut your b**** off and he said ouch don't worry and she laughed again I tried to get her to suck his c*** but she refused but she drooled some saliva onto his c*** for lube. We were whispering back and forth as she stroked his c*** until Dan said I am going to c** then Jess and I both stopped wanting to see his c*** spurt and spurt it did some of his c** landed on her face and blouse but most of it was on her arm and hand she was still stroking his c*** absently but she made a face and said eweew as she released his c*** and hurried into the bathroom to wash up .
That was the first and only time she ever did anything like that but I remember it like it happened yesterday.

Jan 3, 2021

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