I can't stand "THEM"

That I hate the use of "them" to refer to anyone that is transgendered or just not cis. Every time I read an article about "them" I'm never sure if the writer is referring to one person or a bunch of people. The difference between singular and plural is important. Without the distinction how do you know how many people you are talking about? Why not create a whole new word or use "one".
Way back when I was a student I was so annoyed at the ridiculous number of female identifiers (Ms, Miss, Mrs) that I just stopped using them entirely, along with unnecessary gender identifiers (not related to the subject matter), and it didn't take me long to adapt. "Them" I just can't seem to adapt to. I'm probably overreacting, but damn does it ever irritate me.

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  • Attention seeking is what it is.

  • The whole movement is idiotic. There are a few, very few, people who genuinely feel not right in the bodies they have, and they need psychiatric assistance. The rest of them are just riding the wave for attention.

    All this is is Autism 2.0, kids.

  • It's always something, people trying so hard to get special treatment. First there was "special needs children", then "emotional support animals" like peacocks were a thing, at the moment it's "fluid genders", and who knows what the next whiny "I'm special" trend will be.
    People seriously need to get over themselves

  • Yeah it's f****** stupid. It makes no sense.

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