Truth or Fake News?

I keep hearing from my friends that Joe Biding is hiring only Negroes to work in his government at WDC and that they have to made BIG donations to BLM and to keep making them when they get paid from him and Carmella . . If that's true its way-** wrong and somebody need to stop it they need to inpeach his dumb crackerjackass. I voted for him but then I here this how he ** right down all over on the government maybe worse than Trump and i maybe wish I didn't have. Inpeach now before he swears in!!! It will be easier to impeach that. Hey Joe :: CASH ME OUSSIDE .............. HOW BOUT DATt!!!!!!

Next Confession

I hate chinese (strong language!)

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  • Joe biding...?..carmella...?... and 4 other spelling mistakes....?..yea maybe you just shouldnt vote at all

  • Rather than hire people uniquely qualified for positions, Joe appears to be hiring his friends in industry who donated to his campaign, or people with specific skin colors and genetics so his cabinet can be diverse. Qualified white males who didn't donate to his election won't have a chance with him.

    I used to like Biden back when he actually stood for something and didn't hide in his basement. He didnt' do much of anything but he seemed like a level guy. Now that he's clearly demented and controlled by the party, I fear for the direction this country is going to take.

  • It’s actually so racist that you said the n word also why are you mad if they higher black people to work in the White House things would get done correctly because they would know how it feels to get no Justice these next 4 years will be the best because everyone who commits a crime will go to prison or death depending on there crime no More special Treatment

  • If you voted for TIA Joe then you're an idiot.

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