I got a tight infant circumcision.

My parents had me circumcised when I was born, and I got a low and tight circumcision, with the frenulum partially removed. It's never caused me any problems, I've never regretted it, never resented it, or been angry with my parents over it. I'm fine with it and actually like it, and so does my wife. One piece of advice, with any circumcision, I would recommend leaving a little of the frenulum. Everything else can go, but leave a bit the frenulum, and "tight is right." A circumcision should produce tight erections. There should be no loose skin and little or no ability to move the remaining skin when erect. Otherwise any style is fine. Have your boys cut at birth, and get it over with.

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  • Mandatory circumcision for all baby boys, no woman wants to encounter a foreskin, it is useless and full of **.

  • Agreed, get it over with and circumcise him as tight as possible, always cut his frenulum off too, the gomco is a great tool for this.

  • Who in the right mind goes on and talks about how good an unnecessary surgical procedure is? I'm willing to bet that you've got no feeling compared to somebody who has all of their tissue and nerves. You've had no problem? How would you know? You have no idea what you're missing!

  • Hyperbole, talk, assumptions that can't be tested or proven in any practical sense. So what? You're willing to bet he has no feeling compared to an uncut male. How do you compare if he was circumcised when he was an infant? What's an objective way to test a man cut at birth for sensitivity compared to what he would have been had he kept his foreskin? Have him "restore" his foreskin? Stretched remaining penile skin isn't his natural foreskin, and is not the original "tissue and nerves" he had before. So how do you test objectively? This is really just your own half baked opinion stated as if it were fact, and nothing more.

  • I've had it both ways. The procedure wasn't painful but I have considerably less feeling down there. I kept my frenulum. If you are ** bent on cutting your boys, the frenum should remain because an artery runs through it.My surgeon left mine specifically because the artery was large. A low-cut removes all of the sensitive material. A high cut is a little more common and has quite a bit of feeling because that's what was the inner foreskin. The head pretty much only becomes active closer to **. A low cut is just a way to do the job faster at the boys expense. some nerves involved in an ejaculatory reflex are a little deeper in the **. A tight circumcision only drags the testicles onto the shaft. A relaxed version feels a little better. Mobile skin is a good thing. You don't know how your child's ** will grow. If the ** grows a lot, the skin will just be a little tighter if it was left baggy in the first place.

  • Boys don't need a foreskin. It's a nuisance and a distraction, and it should be taken off as soon and as thoroughly as possible, for a number of reasons.

  • Absolutely, circumcise all males foreskin is useless and disgusting.

  • "girls don't need a **", how would sound that??? I can't think one real reason to do such a thing on a healthy infant or child, neither girl nor boy!
    Its really disgusting how misguided many people have been brought up to certain body parts...

  • I think that circumcision is the unkindest cut of all and my boys, like myself, are not cut. I sometimes wonder how it all began in ancient times when tribal and religious cultures started such practices as some kind of obedience to their deity. Were they not designed perfectly to begin with? Plus, a helpless baby cannot express their objection to it. Try asking a 10 year old if he'd like to have it done. You know he'd scream NO and think you were a barbarian torturer.

  • Any conclusion based on knowing what someone else is thinking, is probably wrong.

  • Ask a hypothetical 10 year old if he'd like to have a hypothetical circumcision, and then reach the hypothetical conclusion that he'd scream a hypothetical "NO!" You can ask hypothetical people anything, and they'll answer any way you want them to. Hypothetically speaking, of course.

  • Whatever!

  • This must be a cultural religious ritual for some male newborns. If I was a parent, I would definitely weigh up the benefits and risks of circumcision. My opinion is that every male infant has a right to bodily integrity. I believe that a procedure should not be performed unless it is medically necessary.Circumcision began in prehistoric times and is still practiced within some cultures today.
    Circumcision should be done at a consenting age so that the individual having it can make a choice and weigh up the pros and cons.
    It is no different to extracting wisdom teeth. Unless it is causing pain or discomfort, don't touch what is not broken. God created us perfectly.

  • If God created us perfectly, why do so many kids get braces on their teeth?

  • Why do some people get braces?
    To correct a over bite/underbite.
    To position teeth in their correct position.
    Close gaps.
    Improve confidence.
    Some do it for vanity.
    You can survive if your teeth are not well aligned. Your life does not depend on whether you have straight or misaligned teeth.
    There are extreme cases where correcting the bite improves dental health.
    With braces one is also prone to:
    metal allergies
    root reabsorption
    I knew one girl who wanted to have braces because her friend had them and her teeth were beautifully aligned.
    If it is not medically necessary, do not try to fix what is not broken.

  • Unless medically necessary nobody should be circumcised. If you were meant to not have a foreskin you'd be born without one.
    Some of the most pleasurable parts of the ** are the foreskin.

  • Some guys ARE born without a foreskin. What about them?

  • The are not born without the tissue, its just so short, that its not covering the glans. These men have a fully intact frenulum, ridged band and erogenous tissue.

  • "I have a foreskin, it's just so short you can't see, and it looks like I've been circumcised, and the net result is the same thing, but I have a foreskin." I heard a feminist once say that men weren't stronger than women, they were just more powerful. What's the difference? You can spout hyperbole all you want, but the net result is the same.

  • The feeling of a tight ** is something uncut guys don't, and can't experience. When you get really aroused and it feels like it's just about to hurt but never does is actually quite **.

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