My circumcision, my shame

I was born with a problem named phimosys, fortunately my parents let me grow four or five years before circumcised. At this age I could be aware of my problem. I remember my father asking me to remove my foreskin like my younger brother did, but I could never do it.
I began masturbating when I reached puberty. During this act, I needed to be extremely careful for not to touch the glans with my **, because It easily injured and later I needed to spend long periods of sexual abstinence to recover the bleeding skin. At this point someone can ask. Why didn’t you wear a condom? In the early 60s, it was very difficult for a teenager to get a condom, which were only sold at drugstores and if you were older than 18.
Later I started to ** girls, by this time my erected ** became even longer than ever and began to suffer cuts in its tight skin, although these cuts were painful fortunately I never had any infection (actually I have never had an infection disease in this part of my body and this could be a circumcision benefit).
Many times I tried to stretch the skin of my **, imaging that one day it could cover the head and I may look like a normal man, but it didn’t run, at least in my case. I don’t know if someone succeeded with this technique. Circumcision is an irreversible mutilation.
At the present time (I am 71), having read many “female’s confessions” on the web and their preferences for circumcised **, I understood something. I have been having ** with many women in my whole life, but all of them never ever asked me, why, when and how I was circumcised, even my own wife with more than forty years marriage. Maybe they guessed that this is an issue that I don’t want to talk about.
I have lived all my life knowing that I am a mutilated man and it makes me feel ashamed, but at least I know that It was not for religious reason, satanic ritual or female’s fantasy. I was circumcised because of health and it was needed.
Poor these guys who have been unnecessary circumcised.

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