I love dissatisfying women sexually

I get so turned on by disappointing women on a sexual level. I love having a great date, making out in the car etc but then sexually I yearn to disappoint and be the guy they tell all their friends about that was s*** in bed. I've no idea why.

My d*** is about 4 inches flaccid but only grows a tiny bit when hard. So they get excited when they see or feel it flopping around and confused when it's at high mast. I usually tell them, it's better than it looks and they're happy to carry on as we've had a great night so far. Then one of several things happen.

It gets soft randomly so once I've squidged it in, they don't feel a whole lot but I pretend it's the best s** ever, to confuse them. Or I can make myself c** early, either by 30 seconds of pounding like a mad dog or occasionally I can work myself into such a sensitive state that I c** whilst entering them. I c** in a womens hands as they guide me inside her. Other times on feet as they tease me, once in my pants as a woman grabbed my d***. Sometimes in their mouth or faces or t*** during foreplay.

I get so turned on I can't have normal s**. Anyone else do this?

Jan 17, 2021

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  • Lovely. I can definitely relate

  • Sounds like you're reaching REALLY hard to justify your lack of prowess. Just stock up on lotion and tube socks and keep dreaming about all the ladies you "disappoint" by staying in your mother's basement.

  • What an odd thing to say. I have my own place thanks and happily go on dates every week. Pre-covid. A lot of the time women are understanding and help me out, others flip and go mental.

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