I cheated but I'm not gonna tell him

So me and my boyfriend have known each other since we was 4 years old, always really close and then 2 years ago we decided to get together. I have done nothing but adored him over the course of the relationship I have put my whole life into making him happy because I love him. But over the past 6 or 7 months we have been seriously slipping away, we don't laugh anymore, s** is none existent and all we do is bicker. About 2 weeks ago his best friend came over to stay the night and he is in no way better than my boyfriend, he's just good looking and can make me laugh. But he noticed me, the way my boyfriend never has. My boyfriend I always thought was a lover not a fighter but he's there's no affection, cuddle, kisses, he doesn't play with my hair or anything he just never really touches me. Well anyway when his best friend came over to stay my boyfriend went to bed too drunk and I stayed watching TV with his bf, we sit there and because he's one of my friends too it was always normal to cuddle them (im a very tactile person I love affection) we was laid there and he started playing with my hair and stroking my back, anyway after 10 minutes of this we end up kissing... But it didn't stop there, we did everything. Now my boyfriend doesn't know and I wanted to tell him but I don't think that's a good thing to do. He hasn't been a boyfriend these past few months he's been an aquintance. But his friend said it'll never happen again and so did I. I just for the one night in a long time felt like someone really wanted me

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  • Ur bored he's probably bored too

  • Always be open and honest! I dated a girl who confessed to cheating on me. She told me why and we had some very fun times together. She had a few f*** buddies on the side and always took care of me too.

  • Relationship is a long term investment. Over the years you go through peaks and valleys. We have a tendency to get attracted to next shinny object. It might give you short term happiness but not long term satisfaction.
    Do not tell your boyfriend anything but do realize you did something should have not done. Work extra h****** your relationship and try to fix things up. At some point when you feel comfortable in the relationship you would be able to make a decision to tell. If your relationship does not improve, there is no reason to hang around so you could move on with your life.

    There is no need to hurt someone you love just to come clean and destroy any chance to fix the already fragile situation. Understand there is more guilt now as the matter is fresh, give yourself a few months and you would be able to make a better decision.

  • Blow him

  • Ditch your boy and date the hot one. Do watch out for your health and safety (i.e. make sure he doesn't like hurt you) and for his (doesn't hurt himself) but stringing some poor boy along is just rude.

  • It's probably not good to tell him that you cheated but it is likely important that you understand your reasons for doing so and get an STD screening in order to make sure your health is okay. Have you ever considered therapy? You might find it helpful.

  • Dont say nothing. Tell his bf not to either and if he does. Just tell him you deny it. Unless they are really close and just set this up so they can both f*** you.

    Or just tell his bf that you would only just want to f*** him secretly and nothing else.

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