I'm a grown man but sometimes feel like a little girl inside

am a grown man but sometimes I feel like a little girl inside. I don't actually dress up or anything. I don't want anything to do with children in a sexual way. I just wish I was one sometimes because I feel like one inside. I feel like a girl. I don't want to be a girl with a daddy cause I'm not attracted to men at all. I fantasize about being kidnapped by a woman and her tying me up and keep me prisoner. She then dresses me up like a pretty little girl and turns me into her daughter. I dress as a ballerina and dance for her. She braids my hair and puts little girly makeup on me. She tells me how pretty I am and how much she loves me. She buys me pretty little dresses and I dress up for her. What the h*** is wrong with me?

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  • Omfg hahaha dude when I had my very first crush ever, I drew him in a dress like 3 times. I thought it was adorable. I never showed him, of course.. LOL. Ahh, it's more common than you'd think. In fact, many artists draw men in dresses/etc.. It's pretty big in the anime-tard community. If I were you, I would make "I Feel Like A Woman" my theme song. LMAO. Good luck in getting "mommy"-napped err whatever haha

  • I wish there were a "I Feel Like a Little Girl" song for me. Maybe I should actually try dressing up.

  • You are a crying girl.ha ha.

  • Yes I am a crying girl because I need a mommy to dress me up and make me feel pretty.

  • This is more common than you think.

    Look for sissy' sites on the internet

  • True but a lot of those sissies seem to be attracted to men or are bisexual. I'm only interested in women. More specifically women who will treat me a certain way.

  • Maybe try Second Life. You can be anything you want there. I find it very entertaining.

  • What have you been smoking? Haha

  • I dress up in my miniskirt when I feel like a girl and I suck on my c*** as if it was a toy for me all night!!!

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