Idk read tho...

Im 12.... when i was 11 i had sx with a 17 yr old but now i want men in their mid-30s 40s and 50s SOMTIMES older but ive never gon through with it i know! im just a kid but that dosnt stop my thoughts i dont feel bad ethier...;)

Jan 29, 2021

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  • Love to marry you

  • I was exactly the same at your age, i was always so h****, thats about the time i started letting my dog lick me out! At 14 i was f****** men in there 30s

  • Yess lol

  • Your a victim and you need to tell someone ASAP. idc how "mature" you think you are but you are going down the wrong path. you are going to end up putting someone in jail or trafficked.

  • Actually allready have my life planned out and NOTHING is getting in the way of that u dont even know me so stop trying to predict which "path" my life is going in.

  • That's hot.

  • First of all, I find just your ATTITUDE about this EXTREMELY sexy-- and while I have no interest in s** with anyone of ANY age-- my DREAM is a girl like you for play and favors. So know that when I say this next, I'm not thinking "low" of you at all-- quite the opposite. However, just in the sake of full honesty and consideration-- yeah, you're mature. You ARE even far more mature than many would think. That STILL doesn't mean you'll always know ENOUGH--or that you'll be expecting it even if you do technically know it. Full grown adults regularly walk themselves right into the meat grinder without ever even knowing it's there-- it doesn't matter how smart or mature you are-- there are things you'll almost certainly NEVER be actually ready for. H***, I don't think there's ANYTHING I'VE actually been ready for a day in my life-- hence my own screwed up views and desires. Not many people like me are gonna actually level with you like this, either, so you may wanna consider what I'm actually saying for when you run into ANOTHER one of us that WON'T.

  • Ohhh k :\

  • You still don't really care much, I know. I also know you never will on your own until it might be a little too late, so I'm not gonna push the point. I still find your whole attitude pretty damn sexy, too, honestly! Lol! So tell me something; you obviously DO know about s** and at least some of what it's really about. But what exactly ELSE do you know? Do you know anything about roleplay, and fetishes and any of that type of stuff? Not making some secret point, I'm just honestly curious how much you do actually know.

  • Yea i know about stuff like that i'd like to roleplay i geuss but i dont really care about it much

  • Oh, this is the original commentor, just signed in now.

  • ....

  • Would you do something for me if I asked?

  • Yea. maybe idk

  • Well, this might sound weird, I get why you might not be into it--

    But number one, my absolute fantasy is to be teased, laughed at, and mocked by a girl your age or even younger. If I gave you some material about me, would you use it?

    I won't if you don't wanna do it, though.

  • Sure.. i like being mean

  • Okay, but when you do it, make sure you also laugh a lot-- like don't just be mean, HAVE FUN being mean, that's part of what I like.

    Okay, some things about me: obviously I'm an adult who's into little girls, and when I actually DO get one I just beg her to bully me-- but you know that part.

    I also get insanely turned on when you girls wear denim-- literally just regular jeans or a skirt-- it drives me INSANE!

    If I had a way, I would ask an even younger girl than YOU to do this-- even a little eight or nine year old-- the younger the girl, the hotter the embarrassment when she owns me.

    I have autism, and I'm over four hundred pounds. Also, I have asthma and man b****.

    I live alone, I'm socially awkward, I don't shower very often, and I literally NEVER brush my teeth. I don't have a car, or even a license.

    Sometimes when I play with it-- thinking about little girls making fun of me-- it gets too slippery to hold on to. One time I dropped it and it took me three whole tries to catch it again.

    I also sometimes wish I could BE you young girls-- you get to wear cute, sexy little clothes, be pretty, and have everybody like like you.

    Finally, I ALSO have a fantasy of doing what I said on that other person's comment-- having a little girl watch me, maybe even try to help me into her clothes, but she knows they don't fit, she's just doing it to make fun of me.

    I know that's a lot of stuff I gave you to work with, you don't have to use all of it, just pick out whichever ones you want.

    And however you decide to hit me with it, again, don't just be mean-- be EVIL mean. Make me suffer while you sit back and laugh.

    If you still want to, anyway-- I know it actually is really weird.

  • Omg ewww u dont brush your teeth ur discusting and u dont shower HAHAHA... and please dont touch me u might crush me...LOLL and u cant fit our clothes so stopp!!!

  • Oh god, thank you, please don't stop!

  • U dont even have ur drivers licence HAHA i bet u only took a shower like 5 times in your life... LMAO

  • I love this, thank you! Please give me all you can dish out-- I bet you look really sexy right now!

  • But 400 pounds woww.... loose a liltle weight if u want anyone to ever look ur way..HAHA

  • You've already helped me out twice, you're good at this!

  • Really

  • Oh god yes. I'll bet you can't make me do it again though! ;)

  • Bet... ew man b**** i bet their bigger than mine and all of my friends put together LOL..haha like ew

  • Mmmm! And would you squeeze them in front of your friends, so they can laugh at me too?

  • Nooo squeeze them yourself!! ewww.... then me and my friends would laugh at u

  • Well, you did already get me to number three. You're awesome, I might be back for more later!

  • I might be too sweaty and shaky, looking at what you're all wearing, you might have to help me squeeze my own b****.

  • This right here is jail worthy

  • What

  • No. eww

  • Will you please make fun of me again...?

  • Okay, okay-- if you'll keep laughing at me, I'll squeeze my t*** for you, promise?

  • I love this. I'm so embarrassed that I did it to myself, but your teasing is amazing.

  • The thought of wearing your cotton panties and maybe even your knee socks while you watch...

  • Mmmm

  • Not the person that said that, but if you saw a grown man actually trying to wear your clothes, would you tease them about it?

  • LOL i'd help him put em onnn :þ then tease him

  • What if he was too fat and old to fit into your little girl clothes? Would you laugh and tell him to go on a diet? Would you also hide HIS clothes from him?

  • H*** yea.. hide them then embarrass him whyy?????

  • Because that would be hot.

  • Because that would be really hot.

  • If i do i'll be a millonare.............

  • Yall stop freaking out i said i want to dosnt mean im going to

  • I suggest you approach an adult (parent would be smart) and tell them about this and how you feel.

  • Although, I've not been physical with someone that young as I got older, my much younger neighbor has watched me playing with it, as she looks into my window, from her upstairs bedroom.

    I believe she doesn't know, I know she's watching. Ehich to me makes it even more interesting. Being physical for an adult = prison time, not a good outcome.

  • You can go to jail for exhibition and be put on the s** offender registry for the rest of your life...All your neighbor has to do is video it and you be gone!

  • Me??? you mean the adult and i said i want dosnt mean im going to...

  • Come on now. don't be like this

  • Like what???

  • I feel sad for you. The 17 year old took advantage of you. 11 is just a kid even if you were like 14 it would still be wrong. Just be safe so you don’t get hurt please.

  • Dont feel bad loll im more mature than u think

  • Hot!

  • When I was 12 I loved older women (I'm a male) but you could ruin a guys life if you tried to get intimate with a dude that old. Plus, a guy who would be willing to have se with you has a few screws loose and could do more bad things than you might initially expect

  • ....

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