Life is hard

Its been a long time since I have had money. I got a rather large check in the mail, but because I don't have money (not enough account activity) my bank refuses to deposit the money.

So basically I received a piece of paper in the mail that got my hopes up, and now I am considering suicide. Life is bullshit honestly. And its not just the money things, its all things in life. It has been too hard for too long and I am tired.

Jan 28, 2021

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  • Go to the bank that the check is from, show ID, and cash the check. A bank cannot refuse to deposit a check..they can wait for the money to be cleared to credit your account but it usually takes less than a week.

  • Thank you---it was a check from the state treasury department there was no branch to go into. Also because I havent had money I havent been able to have an ID for the last few years. Also I dont drive adn there is no town near me within walking distance and uber lift isnt a thing where I live(also that costs money anwyay)....I was able to rejoin a credit union that I had been a member of a few years ago and they helped me out immediately. Thank you for your nice comment

  • Don’t hurt yourself, it’s not worth losing your life over.

  • Honestly, when you are feeling that down about life for that long. Not having money or friends or lovers or anyone to connect with. and not having purpose in life is a good enough reason to end it.

  • People who are so unhelpful to people who are down, do not have a right to judge. The tables may turn and it may happen to you one day!

  • If you take it to the bank it's drawn on they'll cash it for you. Sometimes with a small fee. Some grocery stores will also cash it for a fee. Then take the money to your bank for deposit. They won't deposit the check, but they'll take the cash for a deposit.

  • Thank you for your nice comment! I was able to rejoin a credit union I had a few years back (I love them and I forgot how much I loved them!) They gave me my money quickly, and I have a new checking account already and was able to pick up my debit card that day. Forget that other bank they are not the one for me.

  • Change your mindset and think about circumstances taking a turn.
    I admire the survivors of the holocaust.
    Anyone, can become something despite the miserable circumstances.
    There is HOPE in HOPLESSNESS, my friend.
    The strength of the human spirit is powerful.
    Take you adversity and turn into success.
    There are better days to come...……………………..

  • Pathetic loser. Stop whingeing and.make an effort.

  • Everyone's struggles are different

  • And some people are.pathetic losers .

  • And some people feel the need to put others down. Thats a common outcry for help--it shows that you are not secure in yourself so taht is why it makes you feel good to talk s*** to other people

  • Please don't be like this :( let people vent, you don't need to word it like this.

  • Sam here...Like desperate to die but can't kill self

  • Go to a check cashing store or payday loan store. They call to verify funds and keep a small amount. Ive had to deal with same issue years ago.

  • Thank you. I am trying not to have to pay for my money. I got the BBB involved but if this doesnt work, I may try that. Do you know if they are able to wire money into my account or then if I would just be stuck with a bunch of cash? Also I was a member of a credit union a few years back so rejoining them is an option as well i suppose. Just didnt think I would have to jump through so many hoops

  • I hope it goes well from here. Best of luck.

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