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I sit in a cube at work and it usually is extremely quiet which Ih ate. The only person complaining is the loud mouth that now says she can’t concentrate but we knew when her Dad died, we know when her mother can’t ete, we know when her daughter is PMS-ing. One day she asked if I could put on my earphones bc my radio was too loud, h*** it was on volume 1, gtfoh!!!! I was nice when I told her no, I don’t ask anything of her so let’s not start with that s***. She was saying that s*** when her own team was expressing how they didn’t like her, then she was begging for a friend. Like now she is on the phone, banging her fist on her desk, laughing, a bunch of omg’s…..

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  • There's a word for people like her: "selfish". Actually, there's another: "b****". I would wish you luck in getting her to change or improve, but you and I both know that people like that NEVER change or improve. So, I'll just wish you luck in dealing with her.

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