Lesson learned

At school I was a bit of a nerd and I have a big head and hands so I was a target and people constantly made fun of me. I felt pretty miserable and worthless most of the time. I was so persecuted by other kids, but was weak and couldn’t stand up for myself. A new kid started who had come from another school, he was smallish with bucked teeth and a retainer and he was also bullied, but because he was taking the attention from me I got a bit cocky and joined in, calling him brace face and so on when I knew it was wrong. One day he lashed out at me and got me in a headlock. I was much taller but weak. He pushed me against a wall and said he’d teach me to know what it was like to have bucked teeth and put up with a brace and took his retainer out and made me put it in my mouth! He then calmly poured water over it, dried it with his shirt and put it back in his mouth like nothing had happened and walked away!!!...I never said another wrong word to that kid! Lesson learned in the most embarrassing way!!

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