My wife likes to dress like a woman and get me drunk

And I love it, I dress up like a woman, and she will take me out to a bar, and get me loaded, I mean really REALLY loaded to where she has to carry me out, I feel like such a s l u t when she does it, I never wanted to be female before but once I am dressed up with a good amt of alcohol in me, I want to be the drunkest most bimbo s l u t I can be. Here I am when she was getting me started off at home a few nights ago.

Jan 31, 2021

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  • Sounds like you like to dress up?
    If yes then just do it.
    It is fine to dress up and feel good.
    You might. Be a 2 Spirit Person, that means simply you can feel both male and female and do i have news for you. Women like a man with a soft side and she will help you find your softer side.
    Now some men will think that having a softer side is bad, it is not. Just be honest with yourself and if you like it do it
    My wife when I told her, she got me into panties that night and ever since and now I wear bras and leggings and many other things, and I love it. My wife said that she is a Girly Girl and I think I am one also and she is fine with it. We are closer than most normal couples and others women see it in our relationship. So if you like it, and so Macho guy says a nasty things you you, let it go because your having fun!!
    Enjoy and be happy!!!!!!!

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