One has to ask this question about God

My first cousins 20 year old daughter was killed by a drunk driver. She was stopped at a red light and he rear ended her killing her and two other very fine young people.

So God. Where were you?

Jan 31, 2021

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  • Only conclusion I can come to is that God does not take an active role in our affairs. Treblinka - 900,000 killed in 15 months. No divine intervention. No healings, no resurrections. It's kind of up to us.

  • No one sadly reads the kjv bible, but we want all of the God of Abraham's blessings ....

  • He was rubbing himself off as he watched Jesus ploughing Mary's tight love-tube.

  • What is this? And why (being ignorant) would a person say such a thing?

  • Humans have free will. But God was holding her hands, he never let her go. Sometimes we go through horrible things in life, but God never leaves our side. Your cousin, may she Rest In Peace, is in his arms. You have a right to be angry as part of your grieving process, but he will help you heal, he’ll take your pain away eventually. Never lose your faith, you, and your family have my deepest condolences.

  • Sir/Ma'am first of all I am sorry for your loss....let me give you another example/ask a question. An adult is capable to at least shout for help to God when they are in trouble and when no one is around. What about a an infant/ a child who is getting raped by a monster who doesn't even know who is GOD...but so called almighty is just watching and enjoying the pain and yet is supposed to be believed....amazing. We are mere puppets and he is sissy child who says his "will be done".. I am sick and tired of religious non sense...A world with out GOD(A*******) would be just fine...please stop jerking in church/temples...Lets join hand to help each other...F*** Jesus. F*** Krishna...whatever!

  • When Jesus walked the earth. A tower collapse and it killed a lot of people. Jesus was asked if there is a destiny, why do things like this happen? his response is that we can all fall victim to unforeseen events. We are in satan's world. God's world is coming be strong, when his kingdom comes, all of loved ones who died in satan's kingdom will be given life again. You will see your loved one's again.

  • Another bull s*** answer far far away from reality

  • Grow up

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