Emily Preibus in Jesus Freak

Emily Preibus isn’t as innocent as y’all think. She is engaged and pregnant for the up and coming actor Marcel Shihadeh. Her parents in Shreveport doesn’t know their little bible thumbing blondie has been doing it with not only with him, but whenever he is on the road with his films. She is getting pipe down train from the guys at the TKE house on LSU campus as well as LSU famous Junior quarterback. Emily Preibus comes from a family of wealthy, but she is in love with men with more money to pampered her that way she can be a housewife. She is only going to school to get a husband with money. She has given oral countless times whenever her boyfriend is on the road to his childhood friend Nepal Majed Mohamed. She has even expressed that she thinks he is bigger and is more attractive than her own boyfriend Marcel Shihadeh. She has been dating Marcel Shihadeh since she was 15 and now she is 19 and he is 25. Y’all can put the math together this girl and her relationship with her current boyfriend. Tbh I think this is her karma because she doesn’t like anyone who isn’t a straight, white, cisgender, gun toating, conservative and redneck from Louisiana. Marcel Shihadeh cheats on her through Tinder with girls younger than her who lied about their ages. People warned her about being with Marcel Shihadeh and she didn’t take their advice. When she gets tired of the STDs and the UTIs from Marcel Shihadeh going raw and c****** in other women to do the same thing for her to contact those diseases from the over 70 women he has slept with in a month. The guy she is marrying is a s** addict narcissist. He will use many manipulative tactics for you have pity on him. She knows of every cruel and heartless things that Marcel Shihadeh has done to women as well as his friends. She believes that the Bible and them going to church every Sunday is going to change his ways, but how can he change when y’all both have the same issues? She is notorious for back stabbing her friends or going ghost whenever her and Marcel Shihadeh are back on again. Y’all can see her IG _EmilyPreibus_ the relationship between them are for show. Y’all can even comment to tell her sorry your boyfriend has been cheating on you while he was on the road during his film on Tinder. She is very naive and doesn’t believe in searching his phone or checking his clothes for cheating signs. Whenever she is sleeping he will leave her at their condo in Siegan Baton Rouge at 3am to go by another woman’s house for s**. They have s** all day long when they are together. They both are s** addicts. They both love having s** at the Ben Hur gas station pumps and they sneak into LSU Kinesiology building after 12am since has the keys to f*** or they go into Marcel Shihadeh daddy’s office Eduward Shihadeh who is the dean of Sociology/Criminalogy Dept at LSU as well as an FBI agent. All she does is brag about her s** life to her friends. There are soo many s** tapes of her out with famous actor Marcel Shihadeh and her getting a train run on her by the whole TKE frat house. Don’t believe anything Emily Preibus tells you. She is just a Jesus Freak who is fake and doesn’t practice what she preaches about Pro Life and abstinence with s** before marriage because she just had an abortion for Marcel Shihadeh back in 2020. She is currently pregnant again and she doesn’t know if Marcel Shihadeh is the daddy or the guy who is his friend from TKE.

Feb 2

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  • Let’s start Emily Preibus friends who truly don’t care about her, if they did they would all know that a 19 year old shouldn’t be with a 26 year old man because that is grooming, but her friends are naive like her and they are all pick me girls who are also used to being groomed and beaten by their men just like their mothers. Y’all know Emily and her friends grew up with watching their mom get her ass whip by their dads which instead of being a strong b**** to leave the domestic violence they stay in it like a weak minded b****. Emily enjoys being embarrassed by Marcel and her friends. At this point she deserves it. Let’s start with Bee she sleeps with guys who she meets at parties for coke. She is also friends with every plug in Baton Rouge which she gets free drugs for f****** then. She is also a pick me girl. A lot of women have accused her of sleeping with their boyfriends. She is the first person to defend Marcel which she even said she would take him herself just like her friend Lizzie. She just acts really innocent but you can find her in Reggies with her head in the toilet or in some Frat lap. Lizzie is a pick me girl who is always with her boyfriend probably slept with him like Bee. Oops, I wasn’t supposed to tell that her boyfriend is still f****** other b******! Then she has this model friend who looks like the great Value Version of Miranda Kerr that is probably how her friend got that IGM modeling contract is because she looks like Walmart version of the Victoria Secret Model. She is also a pick me girl. All of Emily Preibus friends are pick me girls who do anything to keep a man even if they’re embarrassed badly....they don’t care because you can’t tell them anything. That ok, since they’re pick me girls their man wouldn’t be too easy for my friend to f***. They watch her p*** anyways. You can’t tell pick me girls anything without having a man approve of it first. Oh that’s right pick me girls stay together in a flock.

  • Emily Preibus friends are Bible thumpers who hate anyone that are sinners, but they are sinners. They party, drink, m*********, watch p***, have s**, gossip, give into food/money/gambling/shopping addiction temptation, and do drugs, but they supposed to be Christians or Pentecostal Mormon Jehovah Catholic Baptist weirdos following the Bible? Wtf happen to abstinence with no s** or any real fun until marriage if they’re supposed to be Bible thumpers? Lying a**** that why people like me don’t believe in religion.

  • This post is basically pointless. My friend who knows Emily Preibus says that she is a pick me girl who will do anything for love even if she is embarrassed from him and everyone. She will always be with him even if he is cheating on him. Her family trained her to stand by her man and to take all of his s*** for a ring which she is engaged and pregnant to him now. That is why there social media is private they are hiding her pregnancy and their engagement from the public. He knows he has to keep her hidden from his other hoes because they will stop his connection with her. She is ok with his social media on private while he talks to other hoes. Only she is in that relationship by himself. He will never get over his ex. She is just the rebound because the real ex doesn’t want him back. He knows that, his friends know that and his family knows that very much so, but she doesn’t know that. She will never will know.

  • I smell a lawsuit here. Maybe several of them.

  • None of this information is true. I’m dating marcel Shihadeh

  • I have those screenshots you send someone who I’m not friends with asking about me. You don’t even much know me to figure out who I was friends with. Soo that means you were looking from your fake pages, because I have you blocked from all my pages Emily Prudeibus! It’s cool I’m with the s**** and giggles. You have the right one! I’m the Queen evil b****, psycho, petty, chaos and revenge. I hope you know what your getting yourself into? But I’m quite sure you do, you’re Marcel’s b**** that he can run all over. Any other b**** wouldn’t even much tolerate half of the s*** that he has done to you. Yeah sis you deserve him. You won him over! He deserves you, but you don’t want to hear this but did you know you can do better than him right? There are way more men who can offer you even more than what he is offering you. You’re a white girl, you can get anyone you want. You’re basically setting and enjoy being disrespected by him because he allows me to disrespect the both of y’all online. Y’all whole relationship is a joke. What a f****** lame! Y’all should dress up as you the clown and him the circus entertainer because you look like a clown with him. Every b**** knows about you and he still f****** them because he knows he will always have a home whatever he does to you, he knows you will always take him back. He can f*** up all the time because you’ll never leave him that is why he loves you Soo much and that is why he is Soo committed to you. It’s not only your looks and basic personality but you’re inexperienced with men is what he loves because he knows he can manipulate and take advantage of you without you even much knowing it. That is how men like him play the game, but you don’t want the honesty coming from your enemy Soo I’m a laugh while you’re stuck with a man who only loves you at his convenience because he knows at the end of the day your a doormat. You’re going to always be a codependent b**** who everyone can walk over!

  • Ohhh Soo how is your little relationship going with him now? Y’all are still happy together and he is actually faithful to you? I didn’t ruin your relationship. Since you want to DM people whom I’m not friends with anymore. I have those screenshots Emily Prudeibus. Btw Marcel only wants you because you’re a convenient doormat. Just look at how he allows you to be disrespected by me and he has never defended you. If he truly loves you then he would have said something about me disrespecting you and your squad. You can have him sis, he is your karma. I don’t have that reputation like you have now where you basically have given him the permission to allow him to treat you like a doormat. He basically can ghost you too and it will be your fault. You basically gave him permission to walk all over you to basically take your niceness for your weakness. You have no backbone to defend yourself and that what makes you pathetic and weak minded. You’re friends defend you, you can’t even much standup to your own man to allow his past disrespect you Soo blatantly so why do I have to respect you and your relationship? You’re going to always have a man treat you like a little girl because you have no voice to stand up for yourself and you have a codependent relationships with your friends who are your voice that is why i will never respect you Emily Prude. Your not even much woman enough to stand up to your own man to let his hoes disrespect you Soo badly online. All i can do now is just laugh at you. You’re really a pathetic b****, if that was me I would have been left that relationship once I was made into a meme and on diss pages. Your man didn’t correct them, that was the first red flag that you’re really a doormat and he can come back to you anytime. He loves you out of convenience because you’ll always be there for him when he lies and let everyone disrespect you because he knows you’ll never leave him. I will never respect y’all!

  • Yeah right you don’t know him or his past. Good luck with him. People show their true colors once you get serious with them. Marcel is really good with acting to get what he wants then when he is done you’re ghosted forever.

  • She is really telling the truth. You’re just blocked because they hate you just like everyone else around you. Anyways they’ve just got married last weekend. Congrats Emily on y’all wedding last weekend and the birth of your soon to be son! They’re social media is private, but she had posted her whole ceremony with the actor Marcel Shihadeh on her snaps. They’re wedding was very child fantasy just the way she wanted it for the groomer all Disney Princesses with mixed of Sesame Street meets Mr. Rogers in that reading rainbow foolness made only for the spectators to whom believe them. Anyways beautiful wedding no hate, just not my taste for a wedding. I did like their baby shower colors, but not the theme. Too childish. I would have done a Buck/Princess or Gunz/Glitter baby shower.

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