Vendetta to my Enemies by Marcel Shihadeh

Dear Enemy,
I will never apologize for psychologically affecting when I had got you knock up then to ghost you. I truly never care about you or your feelings. You was just my fetish because I never been with a mixed woman. I was only attracted to your Black and Hispanic features sexually. I never wanted anything serious with you. I never even much thought you were my friend when you and I did hangout. I just thought you were like the rest of the damage hoes that I f***. I only remember you because you bash me online with your memes page. I could care less about you. I will always hate you now because you won’t let the situation rest until I apologize and give you closure which I will never ever do that to you because you don’t deserve it because you’re black. I don’t respect anyone who isn’t white. If you were white like my wife Emily Shihadeh then I would have respected you enough to give you closure. I never wanted you. I never was aesthetically attractive to you like the way I am to my wife! Emily Preibus is a the woman for me because she is white, blonde, have blue eyes, skinny, naturally long hair and doesn’t wear fake hair or lashes, she doesn’t have tattoos, she weighs under 150 pounds, she is under the age of 21, she is wholesome, she has never done p***, she doesn’t curse, she doesn’t really drink alcohol, she has never done drugs, she never done s** work, she is the woman to take home to meet your family and you are not and never will be, she has real money because her people have it, she didn’t grew up poor and on government assistant like you, she didn’t grew up being tough and p*** out like you did which is your fault, she didn’t have coaches who molested her, she didn’t grew up in domestic violence household nor did she ever experienced it, she never been in a house where her parents were the plug and had guns pull on them as well as her head when she was a kid, she didn’t grew up with a mafia life where she always had some og following her to place hits like you did, she grew up with family that actually gave a f*** to love her, I don’t want a woman that i have to teach love and trust to, i want a woman that is convenient White, hot, and conservative not liberal and a person of color that all of my friends probably has f*** and seen your p***, my wife Emily Preibus Shihadeh has never done anything slutty or and girl, she is not a felon, she has never been arrested or place in Juvie or expelled from your high school, she has never been in a fight or shot at someone in self defense or has done anything crazy if she was to be rape like the way you had done to your rapist you found out where he lives at to burn his car and house down and you were in high school doing that s***, she doesn’t have over 600 partners because she never had to experience struggling to paid her bills by herself and that p*** was the only way to pay off s*** because her family matches my family with money, she has the same opportunities like me and can afford to get her own casting and modeling agents, she can paid them people like the way i do to get roles in movies and modeling roles which you can’t no matter how many casting calls you do, you will always be a p*** star you’re not meant to do anything great in this life, you’re only meant to work at that hotel job that pays you $12 an hour in San Marcos where you stuck doing night audits while everyone is sleeping which is your karma since onlyfans and others p*** sites are going out of business and I reported your Tinder to get you banned Soo you can’t use that app to escort, all you know is how to sell your body because your family place you into prostitution at an early age to help paid their bills which is your fault for being black and god hate you for it that is your punishment and will always be your life, you can’t run from your past that is why the men your age don’t want you because you don’t have any feminine aspects in you to be a woman, all you know is how to fight and be a sad and angry and bitter woman you can’t get comfortable for a man to even much love you, you’re intimidating and scary and psycho to all men, you will never have the love that I give to my wife Emily Shihadeh and you will never experience love and happiness in this life because you wasn’t destined for it because of you grew up in poverty and your race is a fetish even to the black man. Your features are rare because you’re mixed which mixed in American culture means exotic and something to try but not to love, you need to understand once a man is done with him sexually because that is all you have to offer and that is the only thing you can offer and that was the only thing I wanted from you was s** like look once a man like me is done with you then we go ghost and back to our white woman, yes the same time I was with you i was with my wife Emily Shihadeh and she already know about it and doesn’t care, there is no clarity she is the one, I’m currently married to her and she is pregnant with my child. She is the only woman child that I will claim and she is the only woman i will give closure to if i was to break up with her which is never! She will never leave me and I will never leave her. She is the woman I wanted to fit my image as a wife, I wanted a petite blonde woman with blue eyes, long hair that goes to her ass, a tiny ass, no lips, a cup breast, virgin, doesn’t curse, doesn’t smoke, never some drugs, stay at home the weekends, college girl who is under 21, trump supporter, Bible thumper, has actually friends who care and love her and I don’t always have to listen to her b**** about her friends using her like the way all your friends do to you because of you race and you’re not attractive at all and never pretty even when you were fat you still was extremely ugly and now that you’re just as skinny as my wife you’re really f****** ugly and you need to also stop chasing after Nedal Mohamed I think he is way out of your league and you’re like 10 years older and it’s pathetic that you can’t find a man who wants you at your age because of your baggage, you will never have a man want or respect you, men respect my wife Emily Shihadeh because she is the girl next door just look at her everyone loves her and everyone from that quad hated you in the end because you told them about their true selves which no one wants to hear the truth even I don’t that is why I’m avoiding you and will always have you on block because you scared me and I don’t owe you an apology from ghosting you, I never read any of your messages when you first send me after I ghosted you that is why I blocked you and will always have you blocked on all my social media. The witchcraft you try to send on me and my wife didn’t work notice i say me and my wife. You’re not a high priestess you can’t even much hexed me, I’m not dead yet, my wife isn’t dead yet, and neither is our child, nor our pets, friends and family are not dead yet either Soo you can’t do witchcraft on me to get karma to make you hurt like the way I have hurt you! My wife doesn’t have mental illness and neither do I. You need to take the L, you haven’t affect me like the way i have psychologically affected you which I don’t care. I have never care about your mental health even when I taken the time to expose you to tell everyone your mental illness to embarrass your ass since no one know what is your true crazy we just know you’re psycho which is also why men your age or any man don’t want you you’re psycho af and you know you’re crazy, but you don’t care and you have been dumped and banned from psych clinics and wards because you’re really dangerous, they had to put you in isolation in jail and in the psych ward because you’re scary af once you get to anger mode on your paranoid schizophrenic rages, you will stab someone to not notice, but if we tell you about it then you would just laugh to say the b****** deserves it because he should have never p***** you off, like who raise you oh that’s right the streets and your felon parents, my wife family and my family are decent people, we’re not felons and I have never been to jail, I just lie about my street life whenever I’m talking to non white peoples to get clout for them to be my friends because my casting agent and director told me that I need to be friends with non white peoples to basically prove that I’m not a racist since my enemy has ruin me online by telling the truth that I am really a racist just like my family and friends. I can’t wait to see your karma oh that’s right you’re broke, onlyfans is almost it’s way out like the rest of the p*** sites, you’re banned from Tinder Soo you can’t escort it, you’re still too overweight to work in the strip clubs because you have a stomach, you supposed to be at 90 pounds for your height to be at a healthy weight, you can’t get sugar daddies because of your age the want the 20 something, no man with goals, money, education, and career wants to date you because you have too much baggage and you’re easy enough to f*** but not to even much want a serious relationship with, you’re in your 30s and you have never experienced love and happiness or even much know how to received it without you freaking out why haven’t this person hit me or rape me yet like the rest of the guys, you’re Soo used to people sexually assaulting you to the point you make first initiation to suck their d*** on the date without them asking you to because you already know if you say no that a man is going to hit you or rape you anyways, men can sense you’re an easy s*** that why I couldn’t never respect you. No man will never respect you and that is your karma Stay bitter and trying to do witchcraft on me while I enjoy my new marriage and family with my wife Emily Shihadeh. My wife Emily Shihadeh is my peace and you are my h***!
Marcel Shiha

Sep 19, 2021

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  • Marcel - you are a poet among men. Your pen (or keyboard, really) spills out pearls of wisdom unlike any read among mortals for many years (at least since George Eliot or T.S. Eliot or some Eliot).

  • By the way, just in case you couldn't tell, I'm being HEAVILY sarcastic here. You're a stupid self-important little boy who belongs in a ditch.

  • Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewoooooooooooo. your ass is mine, abu shihadeh. your gaping a****** is for my penetration. i will lick your b**** while emily watches. poof! i will eat the hairs on your a******. if you've got dingleberries, i hope they're big enough for my palate! yum! if you've got a small c***, i'll gladly suck on it like it's a teat. if you show me your hairy ass, i will c** on your back beeng beeng boong.

  • Drink much?

  • Their friend Bee will suck your d*** for a dollar. She needs the money. Her IG is Bee_Radlee go DM and comment under her pics if y’all want your d*** suck really good by her. She will suck your d*** for cockaine to sniff!

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