I cheated

Last Saturday, I went to my first college football game with bff Kali.
Kali’s friends invited us to party after the game to smoke pot.
Kali introduced me to a cute guy that supplies her with joints. We were outside sharing and we started kissing.
Things were going so well, I went upstairs to his room. I spent the night and we had s** numerous times.

I felt bad the next day and I told Kali I should tell my boyfriend.
Kali said I didn’t do anything wrong, it’s my body and I can do what I want….my boyfriend doesn’t own me & he guy wore a condom, it doesn’t count.
Kali has a boyfriend and cheats all the time. She thinks I should keep quiet and enjoy my freedom.
She told me to keep it a secret.
I think I should be honest with him.

Oct 3, 2021

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  • Kali is a r*****. You are completely in the wrong. If you tell him or not is up to you but don't listen to that mong Kali.

  • Oh no.

  • OMG! This post reminds me of college 15 years ago!
    I had a boyfriend back home and we've been married 8 years now.
    He has no idea how many guys & gals I've been with. lol
    Trust me, it get's easier as time goes on.
    It opened the flood gates for me and looking back I don't regret any of it.
    PLEASE listen to Kali! She's giving you good advise!
    Here's a little more advise that will help.
    Don't stop having protected s**! Make your partner wear a condom.
    I don't know your current status but get on bc NOW! The school's health department will do that for you and it's free. They'll also give you information about free abortions which can come in handy. It did for a few of my sorority sisters.
    Don't miss your annual doctor's visits.
    Is Kali in a sorority? You mentioned she had friends invite you to a party. That makes me think so.
    Join a sorority. They are like family and they look out for each other. It was the best thing I ever did. You will get access to the best parties and will meet lots of guys! The Frat guys are cool and know the deal. Most of them have girlfriends back home also and are just looking to have a good time.
    Please listen to Kali. 10 or 15 years from now you will have regret if you don't.

  • YOU F***** LESBIAN C*** B****! LEVITICUS 20:13 NOW!

  • Kali is spot on. Be free and have fun, yet safely.

  • Keep it quite and move on.

  • If your boyfriend banged another girl but wore a condom doing it, would you say that it didn't count?


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