Can't tell my wife.

Several years back and living on a low ranking Airmen wages, my fairly new wife had our first apartment together off base. A short time later that summer, my MIL stayed with us for a week, to spend time with my wife.
That first day, I had to report to my squadron for a mobility exercise and arrived back home very early in the morning the next day.
Prior to my leaving for the day, my wife and I were flirting as we usually did before me going on mobility. As sometimes I may be away on mobility for a couple weeks, and it would give us something to look forward to on my return.

As I opened the kitchen door from the garage, I could see my wife laying face down on the sofa, which was great.
As I approached the sofa, I could tell she was only wearing panties and a t-shirt.

At this moment I silently took off all my clothes, and with a semi hard c*** I knelt down over her and placed my c*** down the crack of her ass, leaning forward to let her know I was home.

As my c*** grew harder, she began to move her hips to allow my d*** to ride her c***. After it was nearly hard, she raised her hips upward, raising her ass to the air.

I leaned back and slid her panties down, exposing her p**** to the air. The room was dark enough I couldn't see it, but her p**** was nearly dripping wet as I teased her with the tip of my c***.

She had enough of the teasing, and at the moment the tip of my head entered her lips, she moved sharply causing my swollen c*** to slip nearly half way in, with her second thrust, my c*** was barrier b**** deep. The feel of her uterus pushing back on the head of my d*** was an amazing feeling.

As we had s** on the sofa, I was amazed how tight she was, and how it felt like her p**** muscles was tightening everything she was pulling up my shaft. As if to milk my manhood as we f*****.

Just before I was to shoot my load, she pulled off and took my c*** in her mouth. Sucking on it hungrily, taking my shaft down her throat. Just at the moment I was shooting my load, something outside triggered the security lights motion sensor., shining illuminating the living room a bit.

As my c*** exploded into her hungry mouth, I looked into her eyes. Just than I realized I was f****** my MIL. I tried pulling off, but she had her hand thru my legs, pulling me and her face together to bury my c*** further down her throat as I emptied my c***.

After she let off, I asked WTF! She whispered that I knew I wanted it. Although in part it was true, I never wanted to betray my wife.

Some will say you should have known. To them, my wife and I agreed, our mothers if they visited would use our room, and we'd sleep in the living room. Additionally, my MIL is only 15 years older than my 18yo wife, with almost identical height, weight, as well as other physical attributes. Close enough many mistake them as sisters.

Later that morning, her mom would flirt when my wife wasn't looking. Motioning me, laughing etc. I know, I'll need to stay clear of her in the future. I'll also need to make sure who it is on the sofa or bed if someone is visiting. Don't get me wrong, I obviously enjoyed the moment, and will never forget it. Unfortunately, I don't think the MIL will let me either.

Feb 3, 2021

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  • Once you have tasted the forbidden fruit you will want more and more and more.

  • I had same problem but i made her and wife pregnant .was h*** at 1st but after both had the babies we decided we all move in together . i couldnt be happier now .

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