I like older guys :/

I’m 13 and i like guys 16-21 The reason why is because i’m tall and thick for my age so I don’t look 13. i’m also able to c** and i love fingering myself :)

Feb 8, 2021

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  • How can i contact you plus im 17

  • Is 75 too old for you? I would love to suck your c**..

  • Pedo alert

  • Uhm oh wow 75 isn’t that old i think i would enjoy u sucking my c*** :)

  • Seek mental help

  • Excellent! I'm pretty fit for an old guy.

  • I’m also sensitive so i like things gentle.

  • Okay...easy does it 2hile I'm draining your hose

  • Okay..easy does it while I'm draining your hose..

  • Uhm sorry what does “draining your hose” mean exactly?

  • Sucking up whatever fluids flow from your p****.

  • Basically, I want you to pee down my throat and c** in my mouth.

  • I wish i could do that but my parents would freak out and probably try to kill me.

  • Hmm... I'm pretty "sure don't ask..don't tell" was passed by the legislature and is now officially recognized as legal.

  • Oh ok what’s your name?

  • Oh- that sounds pretty fun

  • Love to see you C** you should make a video

  • They're hardly older!

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