Her fantasy

Her Fantasy
When Irene and I were first dating she shared with me that she was molested in a park as an 8 year old girl. She said that she and her twin sister were playing in the park when they were approached by 2 teen aged boys. Each boy took one of the twins off to different secluded areas of the park separating the sister from one another. Irene said that her boy told her to take off her clothes, lay on her back and spread her legs. He then stood over her and masturbated. She watched as he came. Irene shared that she wanted to relive that incident and she wanted me to be the teen aged boy. When I asked her why she wanted to relive it she said so she could “be in control this time”. This time she wanted multiple men around her. She wanted them to want her but all they could do is j***-off on her. This way they would be frustrated and not be able to have her. I remember thinking that making that happen safely was going to be a challenge.
Irene is a beautiful woman that attracts the attention of everyone she is in the room with. She has always been a good Christian private proper woman. She is a 5’7” 130 pounds natural blonde with piercing blue eyes, a beautiful smile with a 37C chest, a sweet bubble butt and is always shaved. She spends a good deal of time fantasizing about what it would be like to be a “bad girl” as she puts it.

She suffers from an “ugly duckling” syndrome in that she was a homely little girl but has blossomed into a breathtakingly beautiful woman with a body that looks many years younger than her age. She loves being the center of attention and even though she has gained a few pounds she’s in love with the way her body looks. I have caught her on several occasions admiring her bare b****** in the mirror. She also seeks confirmation from me that she is in fact a beautiful woman.
Months passed and not another word was said about her fantasy. One summer evening she asked if I wanted to go for a walk to the park. As I got ready Irene appeared in black top with spaghetti straps and sandals. The top just barely covered her p**** and ass. She had it pulled down so much that her firm and ample 37C t*** were spilling out the top. I asked what she had on underneath and she said “nothing! Can you tell”? I assured her I couldn’t tell and that’s why I asked. I then asked if that’s the way she wanted to go to the park and she said yes!
We headed down our street passing the high school on our way to the park. As we walked along a main street to the park there was a guy in his late teens on the opposite side of the road walking in the same direction we were headed but he was about 30 feet behind us. Irene hadn’t seen him. I put my arm around her waist and slipped my hand down her back to her ass and slowly lifted the t-shirt exposing her sweet firm bubble butt to the night air and the boy across the street. I had his attention.

Once she was exposed she looked at me and smiled still unaware of the boys presence. We came up on a side street that was dimly lit so I steered her down the street taking the opportunity to motion the boy over to us without Irene seeing. We walked about 50 feet down the darkened road and I faced her keeping her back to the main street and the boy. I kissed her and pulled her top off with no resistance from her leaving her naked except for her sandals. The boy walked up quietly behind Irene until he was about 10 feet away and I motioned behind her back for him to stop and wait.
I said to Irene, “You want a guy to see you naked don’t you?” She kissed me and said “yes ”. I said “then I will show you to the guy behind you”. She reacted instinctively in a nervous panic and moved toward me and hugged me as to cover he nakedness. I moved her arms from around me and took a step back. I put my hands on her hips and began to turn her to face this kid. I held her around each wrist holding her hands at her hips so she couldn’t cover up. There she stood, naked in front of a boy that was about the same age as the kid in the park when she was 8. I asked the boy if he liked what he saw and he said she was beautiful. I invited him to feel her perfect and natural 37C t***. He stepped forward and reached out cupping her t*** and rolling her nipples between his thumbs and index fingers. Irene stood motionless and closed her eyes as his hands felt her t***.
After a few minutes I instructed Irene to take off her sandals, lay on the grass on her back and open her legs wide so our guest could see her p**** and m********* for us.

This was the front yard of someone’s house. She did as instructed and began rubbing her c***. She was instantly wet. I told the boy to take out his c*** and j*** off on her anywhere he wants. He asked if he could c** on her p****. I said sure if that’s what you want. I then moved toward him so only he could hear and said “you can c** inside her if you want”. He moved between her legs and began to kneel. Irene couldn’t hear that instruction and was unaware of the liberty I had just given him. He knelt down between her legs. Irene was playing with her p**** and she was already dripping wet. I announced that I would c** on her face and t***. I knelt next to her head and began to stroke my c***. Irene was watching the boy. The boy was already hard and stared at her naked beauty. She also has a beautiful p****. Irene was getting into the fantasy when I positioned her head to face me and pushed my c*** in her mouth. She began to suck me and abandoning her p**** used her hands to grasp my c*** and massage my b****. I could tell that the whole scene was really turning her on as she began to suck me with wild abandon. I watched as the boy took the opportunity to slide forward, grab Irene behind her knees and push her legs back toward her chest. With a single motion his c*** made contact with her p**** and slipped in effortlessly.
Irene stopped sucking me and looked at me with her beautiful blue eyes and said “Honey he’s inside me…he’s f****** me! He’s going to c** inside me. That’s not supposed to happen. I’m in control”. I said “no you’re not” and I took my hard c*** and pushed it back in her mouth. She let out a soft moan of frustration and pleasure and started to suck my c*** again. The boy lay forward on top of my wife and began f****** her hard and abusing her t***. She was getting so excited and out of breath she had to stop sucking me. I instructed the boy to roll her over on top of him so I could see her ass. Once she was on top I positioned myself behind her and put my c*** at her a******! I heard her say a weak “no” as I pushed my c*** into her beautiful waiting ass. There was a moment of discomfort as I buried my c*** in her ass up to my b**** and then she moaned softly. Her ass became lubricated quickly as I started for f*** her tight a******.
She now for the first time in her life had two c**** inside her at the same time. She had one in her p**** and mine in her ass. This made her even wilder as we both pumped her good. I could feel my c*** banging against his through the thin membrane between her r***** and p****. It was incredibly tight with two c**** in her. She had a thunderous o***** screaming so loud that I thought the folks that lived there would come out to investigate.
The boy came hard in her p**** and a minute later I filled her ass. When I pulled my c*** out of her ass the boy rolled her now exhausted body off him and moved to her face where he put his sticky flaccid c*** in her mouth. She sucked and licked his c*** and b**** clean. As he straddled her face having his b**** licked and sucked I thought about Irene’s obsession with my a******.
There were times when I would be awakened in the night by the feel of her kisses on my ass and the feel of her tongue probing my a******. I took the opportunity to put my hand on his back nudging him forward so his a****** was directly over her mouth. Irene stuck her tongue in his now available a****** and licked it clean until he was hard again. He backed up and stuck his newly erect c*** in her mouth where he unloaded his c**. She gagged but drank every drop. This seemed to make her even hornier. When she swallowed his c** he got up and fixed his pants, took out his cell phone and took a picture of her. He then thanked us and left.
I looked back at Irene and noticed a man in his 70’s standing about 15 feet away. He looked at me and said “that looked like fun! I heard some noise and came out to see what it was.” He told me he had been watching for about 15-20 minutes unnoticed. I said it is fun! Want to try? He said “sure if you don’t mind”. I said “not at all”. With that Irene found the strength to roll on her back and opened her legs without instruction. Her knees were pulled up and her legs spread. The man stood for a second between her legs admiring her, opened his pants and dropped them to his ankles exposing his already hard and quite sizable c***. It looked to be about 8-9 inches and width of a red bull energy drink can. I remember thinking that he might have a tough time getting it in her. He then knelt and leaned forward placing the head of his massive c*** at the gates of heaven and began to push it in slowly. I watched as her p**** lips hugged his c*** tightly and expanded to take the width. Her p**** spread wider and wider and I heard her say “Oh my God! You’re too big!” He kept pushing it in her very lubricated p****. I had a great view of his c*** sliding inside her. It seemed to take forever for it all to be in her. Once in he began pumping her. It took about 2 minutes before he built her to another massive o*****. He f***** my wife for about 20 minutes and one more intense o***** before exploding in her p****. When his c*** was drained he took it out and moved to her face placing the head on her lips. She tried hard to get her mouth around it but it was just too big.
Irene licked

Feb 11, 2021

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  • I hope irene's lil sis was younger than 8 i would have loved to be the boy that got somepu ssy from one that young

  • They are twins so not much younger

  • Not sure if your story is true or not but my wife had something similar happen to her.
    I noticed she kept having little accidents where a nipple would get exposed or she would do something to let her underwear show.
    Once at the beach I though she was asleep, and the way she was laying her v***** was partially exposed. This stuff happened so much that I finally bluntly asked her what it was all about.
    She told me was at a lake nearby when she was barely 13, and she went for a walk down the trail. Two boys were down there, both older, they made her take off her swim suit and spread her legs. Then they both masturbated on her and left her there.
    She was almost crying when she told me, not because it happened but because it excited her so much.
    I got her calmed down, we had a long talk, and decided she could do naughty things as long as I was around to keep her safe.
    We have flashed shoe stores, gas stations, in parks, at the beach, been to nudist camps and now we are much older and belong to an area club that has six couples into this kind of thing. A few of the group are in their 60's, we are in our 50's.
    We did try a swap many years ago, just one time with an older couple, , but realized we were not into that, it was just her need to be exposed, and best if she was told she had to.

  • Your wife and you need to be put down

  • Good fictional story

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