Daughter in law, her best friend, and her cousin

Daughter Inlaw, Her Cousin, And Best Friend

I have always been a little bit of an exhibitionist. At 52, i csn still outwork guys half my age in the gym. Few believe im in my 50s. Im 5'10", 185 lbs, 44 inch chest, 30 inch waist, wide shoulders, and 17 in bicepts. I have women half my age flirt with me at the gym, but ive always been faithful to my wife of 10 years.

I help my son and daugter in law with their 1 year old daughter by keeping her 3 days a week. A couple of times my DIL called in sick after i arrived and ive just stayed to help out. The last time, i ran an errand and forgot my phone. When i arrived back, i noticed my phone was moved and the photo galary was open. She had been looking through my photos. To test this out, i intalled an app to secretly record the screen, created a phot album named "Cindy's Eyes Only". The cover photo was a shirtless photo and inside were photos of me before, during, and after a 20 lbs weight loss period. All were shirtless, and a couple were boxer briefs only. I intentionly left my phone behind when my son and I went to the gym. When we got back, i grabbed my phone and went home. I stopped the recording and played it back. Sure enough, she opened my photos and started flipping through the photos. The two in my boxer briefs, she zoomed in so she could see the outline of my c***, which was cisible through my tight boxer briefs. I wasnt expecting to hear her whisper "OMG!". She then called her best friend, Jessica, and i could hear telling her about the photos. Jessica asked her to take a photo with her phone and send it, but my DIL wouldnt.

Last week my wife took a girls trip to lake Tahoe. My son invited me over for superbowl weekend, which her friend Jessica (30 years old) and her cousin, Ashley (24 years old). One is divorced and the other has never been married. I decided to insert a coupke of completely nude photos in the group, and left my phone behind on a beer run to town. I started recording right before we left. We were gone for about 20 minutes and when we got back, i could tell from their looks and giddyness what they did. I grabbed my phone, excused myself tonwalk outside to make a phone call, stopped the recording, and played it back. They immediately grabbed the phone and my DIL said, "OMG. He left his phone charging!" The opened the photos and started looking and commenting. Jessica said, "Damn. no dad body on him!" But when my nude photo appeared they were zooming in and talking about my c*** and that Im shaved. Jessica said, "im sorry, i know he is your father in law, but if he ever gets divorced, i want to f*** him." And her 24 year old cousin said, "I want to f*** him regardless." They talked about how mucular and vee shaped i am and the indentions i have at my hips. I heard "clicks", that i was sure were their phones taking photos of my nude photos. I heard my DIL say she "Im going to look at it longer tonight before I delete it" and they all started laughing and talkinf about using it to please themselves later on. When i got back inside i noticed all three would occsssionally grab their phones and i csught them looking at "something" while glancing up at me.

Im a little nervous my photo will get out, but i know the two nude photos were ones I sent to my wife. I know she showed one to her best friend Leslie, and the other to her sister Kim. I found out Leslie saw one because i saw a a text between them. I know her sister saw one because she let it slip one night when we were chatting on line and she thought my wife told me. My wife doesnt know that i know theyve seen my photos. At the very least, i can use that as a defense (she csn show them, but i "accidently" left my phone to be snooped on.

Feb 11, 2021

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