I have wanted to humiliate my frustratingly modest wife

My wife is a pretty 43 year old with a fit hot body but she has always been very private and modest. She won’t even undress in front of me. I have to sneak peeks when she showers.

I have always wanted to bake naked pictures of her and share them just to humiliate her.

Last summer we went to her company picnic. She wore a tube top dress that came to just above her knees. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. She has average sized **. There my are 32c.

I sat and watched her mingle with her cell phone in one hand and her water in the other. As I got a buzz going I imagined her naked in front of her coworker when an idea came to me.

There was a guy shooting hoops that was not part of her company. I walked over and struck up a conversation. I told him I wanted to play a joke on someone and I paid him $50 to shark her.

A few minutes later I watched as he knelt down behind her pretending to tie his shoe. Nobody seemed to notice him. I began to video.

My wife was in a group of 6 male and one female coworkers. They were talking and laughing. My wife was talking when he struck do all eyes were on her. In an instant he yanked down her dress from the hem landing it at her ankles. It was that moment I saw she wasn’t wearing a bra or **.

My prissy wife was now naked in front of her coworkers. There was a moment where she didn’t realize what had just happened. Then when she realized she was naked her whole body turned red and she stood arms out still holding her drink and her phone and trying to figure out where to put them down so she could retrieve her dress.

She stood naked for at least 30 seconds all the while getting more and more unwanted attention until she dropped what was in her hands while squatting to pull her dress back in place.

I pretended not to see what had just happened when she found me and wanted to leave.

I have edited the video and now I have several pictures of my naked wife front and back including her neatly trimmed **. I love showing these pictures to my buddies and guys who know her .

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  • I used to do some boxing and my wife did too. One day while we were ** in the bedroom we put gloves on and danced around boxing and playing. She punched me on the jaw knocking me out cold. She got her cell phone taking pictures of me laid out spread eagle and hard as a rock

  • I did the same to my wife,she's chubby but not fat,big ** and likes to wear short skirts with panty thongs. She is a flirt with both men and women.
    One night when we had been drinking and in the spa ** we got as far as the living room and she passed out. I checked her,she was ok just out cold,it wasn't the first time she passed out.
    I got my camera and got several pictures,her big **,her wet **,turned her over and got some of her **.
    When she began to come to I put the camera away. None of them showed her face.

  • Seems pretty selfish and rude to do to your wife. I guess you don't respect her.

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