PE paddling

Our sadistic coach in P E would wait until we were naked and wet and call us out for punishment. Once I was called out to the middle of the locker area and told I was going to get pops. The boys still naked in the showers were called out to ' witness' along with any already dressed. I stood naked and dripping as coach lectured about my errors. He made me turn so my butt would be on full view for the paddling. "Spread your legs and grab your ankles" he demanded. I blushed beet red knowing not only my naked butt, but my pink puckered a*** was exposed to my classmates. The paddle was a 2 foot long wooden board with holes in it. "SWACK. SWACK! went the paddle on my round white ass cheeks. Making it even worse, I could feel my hanging b**** and semi erect D*** swinging provocatively between my legs with each stinging swat. This was clearly entertaining to my 'friends' as evidenced by their muffled laughter. I noticed a few of the still naked boys were sporting full blown boners adding to my distress. When coach finished spanking me he made me stand naked, hands on head as the other boys finished dressing and left. By the end of the school day the full description had gotten around. Several girls approached and said" one of your friends sent us a text along with a picture of your cute very red butt ha ha! He said your D*** and b**** were gonna be on " Dancing with the Stars"!
It was s humiliation I was never able to live down..



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  • Teachers stopped paddling long before text came around, nice fantasy though

  • If there was an actual site admin, they would have to change the name to Bullshit Fantasy Post dot com. Actual confessions are rare, and bored social misfits are often restless.

  • Really. last week or last century

  • In the 50's

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