Ko-ed by girl

As a young man I did some boxing,mostly private with friends as a workout.
At the gym I went to we had matches once a month but I only boxed twice and was knocked out in the first round both times so I quit that and just did sparring at home mostly with my stepmom.
Fast forward to three years ago,married with two teen stepdaughters.
A backyard party,Summer afternoon,neighbor's and friends at a friends house across town in the heart of "wine country" Calif.
Lots of wine being consumed and the subject of my past boxing experiences brought some laughs when my wife suggested a little boxing which I declined but was talked into.
So my opponent turns out to be the oldest stepdaughter age 19 who always wanted to try boxing.
She's built much like her Mother,my wife Sharon that is average height,somewhat on the chubby side and ** too large for her body.
I promised not to hurt her and with the small partly drunk crowd egging us on we began to box,playful at first except I was distracted by those large ** bouncing in the tiny bikini Lisa wore.
People were chanting to get serious as not much was happening when Lisa landed a left to my jaw and wow did I see stars then all went black,she knocked me out cold and spread eagle on the grass.
The bulge in my tight shorts let everyone know I also had a full **.
Being unconscious I never heard or saw what happened next,but I was told later alot of laughs and pictures taken,some ending up on the internet.
They said i was "out' for maybe 5 minutes,probably would have been longer except someone doused my face with water.
When I did wake up it was Lisa's hanging ** over me was the first thing I saw and her asking if I was ok,she didn't mean to knock me out and then told me she didn't hit me that hard.
Then her mother said,"he has a glass jaw baby' then laughed.
Totally embarressed,knocked out by a girl omg

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  • When I was in high school, I got KO-ed in karate class by a 45 year old woman during a sparring match. This woman was really aggressive and kind of a b.itch. She and I were about the same height. We were wearing pads, headgear, and mouthpieces but she landed a roundhouse kick that I didn't even see coming (found out later what it was). She kicked me in the jaw and I stiffened up and fell onto my back. I remember one of the teachers taking off my headgear and calling out my name. The entire class had stopped and everyone stood around me. I hated looking up at my opponent, who was leaning down, looking down at me with a smile of triumph. I remember her saying (after she checked to see if I was ok), "I've never knocked anyone out before!" The Sensei said that I locked up and my toes were curled up with my legs raised and my arms in the air like I was still punching. I was nervous around her from that day forward and made little eye contact with her.

    I did ok against her for a while after that but one time, she side kicked me in the stomach and dropped me onto a fetal position with me gasping for air and gripping my stomach.
    The worst part, other than having to lose to a woman in a combat situation, was that I was a brown belt and she was a green belt....I outranked her. She was so cocky.

    I saw her some years later after I'd gotten married and my wife and I ran into her at a bar. She explained the whole story (my wife laughed) and has been dubbed by my wife as "the woman who kicked my **."

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