What has become a wonderful teasing event that has carried on ..

Well , this all started by accident with my then landlord ..
sexual tension in the extreme , so originally I used to rent a room from him in a house he owns , there was always some tension sexually , I then was a 23 yo single mom with a hot body ( if I say so myself ) a good workout ethic and I was working as an exotic dancer in Melbourne Australia , I had a boyfriend ( still do , different one then ) which added to the complexity , but I used my charms to seduce him ( in theory ) unzip me , zip me up , help me with this bra , what do you think of this bikini , look at this g string etc. etc. , I love seeing him getting aroused .
Then one day , he was getting out of the shower and I happened to stumble upon seeing his very long erection , I couldn't believe the actual length of it , he is not a massive tall guy , but WOW it was long , and I always liked long . But I went by like I didnt even see it , really I thought about it all day , so much so had to double the underwear I took to work . Anyhow that night when I managed to get rid of my boyfriend , and my kid was asleep , I put on my slinky white nightie , figure hugging , went out into the main room and said " Ive had a tough day , mind if I snuggle up " , It was great I could feel his manhood immediately , and he had a great smell , not the smell of a tradesman , but the smell of a man , I told him " Your not putting that into me " and so this crazy relationship began , we have NEVER had s** , its become an absolute tease , in so many unusual circumstances , beach , social functions , business events , golf , football , bed , Ive had him hard as a rock , and me dripping an we've never had s** .
Its been this utter fantasy and we've been going 10 years now .

Certain rules apply , I dont want him seeing other women , that would just destroy me , he must never m********* ( although I suspect he may have at certain times ) if he e********* when I'm there in bed , or whatever he gets a kick in the b**** ( suprise ) at another occasion , if I get jisum marks on my lingerie then he get a sacky tap firmly ( again its on hold for timing of my choice ) , touching my b****** which I adore , big face slap . So its just a situation that I love and look forward to .

My current boyfriend has no idea what goes on , although he is getting suspect about j*** on the lingerie , I just said it was soap powder from hand washing , and he looked at me kind of strange , I never wear for him anyhow . They are only for Mr D :) .

So , never thought I could sustain something like this , but I really love it , tuns me on much more than 90 % of the s** Ive had , women will know what I mean . So let me know your thoughts or even suggestions for withholding s** , temptation , deprivation etc. We will both be reading . Could you ever do something like this fantasy ? and all that healthily e********** .

Jodie :)

Feb 16, 2021

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  • I like the tension, the flirty play. Keep it going, especially the denial. Eventually... Wow!

  • Yes , it is what makes it ..feel so horney coming away its vibrator in the toilets' at luchtime , just have to be careful who comes in

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