Too much showing

I was out with my 3 male cousins and 2 of thier frinds at the lake, I had on just a bikini and at 16 was already a bit top heavy, We were just s******* around and they had all jumped a fence...yeah, Whatever just kid stuff and I went to follow but when I went ass over tea kettle leaving me hanging upside down with my bottoms hooked on the fence, My leg bleeding and my top had basically exploded when by body smashed against the fence so yeah, I had it all hanging out, My s*****, B****, All of it.
The guys were trying to get me free and somehow I was so tangled that I couldn't just slip out of my shorts and they were unable to free me, Two of my cousins were holding my upped body up because I was starting to get light headed and there was more than a couple feels copped but at the time I wasn't thinking about that and honestly didn't really care, My one cousin switched places with one of his friends who of course took his turn groping "Accidently" while staring at my vag while the rest worked on attempting to get me free, Eventually they did and one gave me his shirt to cover up with.
After a first aid session with my uncle we carried on and that night us kids were off messing around while the parents partied, My cousins friend had snuck some beers and we each had a few then me and one of the friends were making out, I got on my knees and was doing my thing when everyone else came around the corner. literally a minute later there were 5 d**** out and whacking watching us, The guy I was with finished, I swallowed because I didn't know any better and he no sooner pulled out of my mouth and another one went in, I ended up sucking all of them and some multiple times, My clothes were gone and piled on the slide, things were stuck in holes and guys were blowing their loads.
Yup, I got gang banged by 3 of my cousins and 2 of their friends, I had d**** and fingers in every hole by the end and my cousin and one friend held my hands and rubbed their d**** on my face and I sucked them while I cried and said it hurts, it hurts as the finale with the other friend was him sticking it in my bum and finishing and never told anyone until now.THE END.

Feb 16, 2021

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  • My c*** got hard do you get turned on thinking about gang banging all them c****?

  • Another BS story from a useless incel.

  • Sounds like my wife

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