Why so mad

My BF's parents were out of town so I went and stayed ay his place, We went to a party and met up with his cousin nd his GF, We partied a little and went back to my BF's, Me and him were in the bedroom nd his cousin came in with his GF. Blah, Blah we are all in bed and just being goofy and silly and then AAAAKKKK, My BF pulls my shorts down and just slides it in between my thighs, I'm like (Oh crap) I thought for sure we would get caught but we all just laid there laughing and talking and then....BAM, No warning my BF changes the angle and since I was dripping wet already it just went right in. From my reaction it was obvious to everyone what was going down and I was like "WTF" but it felt sooooo good....He kept going and within seconds it was obvious from her face (Me and her were laying on our sides facing each other) that they had ecided to do the same.
This was our first time doing anything crazy and my BF was super into it, His cousind GF is very pretty, Not a skinny girl like me but I wouldn't even say Thicc, just...I don't know, VERY pretty, Very chesty, Small...er waist and wide hips, Thicc thighs and legs and she really does pull it off amazingly well. Blah, Blah, Me and her kiss a little and touch above the waist and then the boys are touching above the waist, sadly for his cousin there wasn't a lot to touch on me but...Yeah. She ended up on her back and me on my hands and knees beside her, I hadn't seen my BF's cousins...Ugh, Why is ever word for a pen!s so gross but anyway I hadn't seen his pen!s out of her but could tell it was...Girthy.
My BF was trying repeatedly to get me to do stuff with her so I got into position so I could lean over her and kiss her, Kissing while getting it from behind is NOT super easy so....I opted for my mouth and her chest and vice versa, All was going well and everyone seemed to be enjoying this and groping and touching each other, She started to come and had a massiveO which was honestly probably the hottest part of the whole thing and then His cousin was stroking and lightly pulling my hair, She started saying "Come for me, Come for me baby", He was doing good but then he turned my head to the side, Pressed my face to his GF's n!pple and then my BF's cousin pulled out and oh my, I was caught off guard by the size of his...Pen!s, Oh my good lord, That fella is rocking a monster. He straddled her stomach and...Yeah, Right up her chest onto her b00b and then kind of held my head there while coming on my mouth and her nipple.
I am pretty sure everyone was caught off guard because he came a lot and no one really stopped anything until he pushed it into my mouth, I really didn't expect it and he just pushed it into my mouth, I literally sucked it for...5ish seconds and before my BF pushed his cousin back saying "Dude, No" he was in mid load when he pulled out which half of it ended up on the side of my face. When my BF did that the entire mood changed, Everyone was like "Nope, We're done" and I was really close so I was like "No, No, Please baby keep going, Come on, Don't stop" which afterward was super embarrassing.
The whole thing went awkward and his cousin and GF left, No s*** the minute the door clicked he flipped a switch and went full @$$hole, He was so mad I ended up going home and hasn't touched me, Refuses to talk to me about it and is just being a j***. Well guess what...You wanted it, You were the one who started it so...You can't be mad at me for getting carried away trying to please you.

Feb 19, 2021

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  • Your bf is a douche send him a video you getting f***** by the other guy

  • You did nothing wrong your BF is a p****.

    You should look up the cousin and his GF and have a nice s** filled weekend with them.

    After all, you guys seemed to get along and he was big and wide. As a 50 year old mother of three I can tell you there is nothing better than a wide PEN!S to stretch that kitty and make her purr

  • "I was really close so I was like "No, No, Please baby keep going, Come on, Don't stop" which afterward was super embarrassing." "You can't be mad at me for getting carried away trying to please you." Sounds more like you were trying to please yourself. That was a selfish move on your part.

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