I'm the cuck to the love of my life and her fiance

Before any of you doubt it, I promise this confession is 100% true. There is absolutely no falsehood in any of it. I also welcome all input, both positive and negative, you may have.

I have been in a cuckold relationship with my Queen for the last six years. Throughout our relationship, I have never, ever, slept with her. And she has made it abundantly clear it will never happen.

Her fiance, who we refer to as Alpha, is 100% aware and supportive of her relationship with me. He knows he has nothing to worry about as far as her sleeping with me, and enjoys when she makes me pay for their dates or spoil them. They got engaged around Christmas, and are due to be married in May, with the honeymoon immediately following.

She had talked to me about a month before about making my chastity permanent. We settled on NYE being the day, and the moment 2021 began I made my chastity permanent. I will never have an erection, or an o***** via penile stimulation, again. If I c**, it will have to be from a*** or prostate stimulation, something I have yet to do successfully.

I was unaware of her engagement until after I was permanently locked up, so naturally finding out she was engaged, which as a cuckold normally would have made me very h****, was instead absolute torture for me. To top it all off, she has tasked me with paying for her honeymoon to the Florida Keys, a trip that is so far running $1.8k. The fact that I am paying for a honeymoon for her and Alpha only serves to make my torture worse. She has promised to cuck me during the honeymoon, which could mean anything from sharing details of their romantic and sexual antics to sending me photos and videos of their time together to letting me listen to them having s**. And I absolutely can't wait.

Feb 21, 2021

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