They saw my naked wife

I finally talked my wife into getting naked in our car during a long road trip. Her biggest concern is that someone might see her. I convinced her to lay on her back with her feet toward the passenger door.

She’s very private so this was embarrassing for her. She let me play with her p**** as I drove. She spread her legs as wide as the space would allow. She was enjoying my play but she kept her eyes closed and her arm across her face.

I was in the right lane and she was building to an o*****. She had forgotten where she was and was getting more and more excited. I came up behind a box truck and decided to pass him. As I pulled even with the cab I slowed and hoped he would look. I matched his speed and waited for him to look. Finally he did. He smiled, gave me a thumbs up then lifted his phone to take a picture.

I pulled ahead of him and got back into the right lane as my wife climaxed. After a few minutes she dressed. About 15 minutes later we got off the highway to get something to eat.

The truck driver followed and sat 2 tables away. He would stare at me wife then look at his phone. I know he was looking at her naked and spread. She had no idea but did tell me that being naked in the car was exciting.

Feb 21, 2021

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  • Before we had kids, my wife used to LOVE to flash truckers on road trips. She would flash her b**** and make them jiggle. She'd put her big ass on the window. Once, she got naked and masturbated in the back seat while we passed a semi. It turned on her so much and the truckers didn't seem to mind.

  • Love to see it too. mark_othello@yahoo.con

  • How about sending a pic or video of her and let me respond to her beauty.

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