A student dilemma

Well, I'm an undergraduate computer science student, who got into the field being partially oblivious to the fact that that this would fairly effect a few of my years ahead. I indeed liked the things a computer science student could do, but the feeling of a falling part became slowly visible in my sophomore years. I couldn't just dropout to find something that makes me feel more lively cause, if I did, I had to pay the entire amount for the seat. It may sound like a problem of a fair share students, but this really did affect a significant period of my time, which put all my relationships in jeopardy. The episodes continued, and each time it came back hard. But, somehow, when the point of break was heavy, especially on my loved ones, I had to pull myself together. I thought maybe I could find better ways to express myself after graduation, like business. I had my family and friends by me, and thought I'll somehow get through the graduation. Well, all of this seemed pretty well, like a play that got it ends at last, but h*** yeah, I'm not an ideal body and couldn't get my passion channeled. I'm ashamed to admit that I don't currently have that zeal for making a startup like I had earlier. In fact, I don't know where to start. All those days of breakage made me quite anti-social. But, yeah, I'm trying to figure out, and dude, it's hard. But, I'm not giving up. All I need is a clarity, so could you people give me an advise about career possibilities after I graduate?

Feb 25, 2021

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  • MacDonalds

  • Might be ideal to start taking internships if you don't know what you exactly want

  • You tube startup...of many hustles this may be best and most ez, almost 2ez

    here is inspiration


  • Auto sales....

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