The vouyer

My wife worked as an assistant for a guy who sold women's clothes. He was the husband of her best friend.
He was about six foot six and a good looking guy. He was also rich. I was never jealous of him or concerned about my wife spending long hours alone with him sorting samples and stuff but boy was I naïve.
I was to pick her up from work that night. I was told to let the night guard know who I was going up to see and he would have them buzz me in.
When I arrived at the building the night guard was standing by the door. He was just going into the building. I hurried up and joined him as he went in. I gave him the guys name and he recognized me from being there before.
I went past him and into the elevator.
I stepped out onto the floor where the suite of offices were and walked down the hall. It was very quiet with no one in the building.
The suite of offices were located on a corner. As I approached the corner I saw two people thru the glass in a back area of the showroom. There were racks of clothes all around. there was a dressing room for clients to try on clothes or for the models to change costumes. Bill was standing by the clothes rack. He seemed to be waiting.
The change room door opened and out came my wife. She was apparently modeling clothes for him.
the first thing I noticed was that she was only holding up a top. She didn't actually have it on. They were discussing it and he was feeling the material and pulling at it in various ways. Then it happened. He gave a little tug on the top and she let it go. She, my wife, was standing there with her bare b****** and very stiff nipples standing straight out. I crouched as to conceal myself with a cloths rack between them and me.
They were talking. He was grinning. Suddenly he took her in his arms and was kissing her. I couldn't believe it. He hugged her close and then bent down so he could get his mouth on her t***. She just sort of lay back against his arm that was around her and let him suck.
He stepped sort of sideways and lowered himself into a chair, sort of pulling her down with him until she was on her knees in front of him. He was holding her hands in his for a short time, talking and then he put both of her hands on his lap. I could see his bulge from where I was. I fully expected her to jump up. She didn't. she proceeded to unzip his pants and fish he co-ck out. I couldn't see it at first. Her body was blocking my view but she turned a little sideways and there it was. Her little hand barely covered half of it.
I was supposed to be angry and go charging in to break it up. I didn't I felt a tingling in my pants and began to massage myself thru my pants as she lowered her head and took the massive head of his d*** in her mouth.
It was obvious that she was not new to the routine. He just leaned back and relaxed while she proceeded to work his rod into her mouth a little at a time.
She pulled at his pants to get the material out of her way. She was enjoying taking his d*** and burying her face in his crotch.
I glanced up and down the hall and pulled my own p**** out. I began to m********* hare as she went after his c*** like it was candy. I Knew the minute he started c****** in her mouth. He groaned. I couldn't hear the groan. I could just see the twisting of his face as he let go into her throat, with both of his hands holding the back of her head.
I felt my own relief flowing out and realized that some of it was getting on the window glass. I didn't care. I fount it funny that someone would have to try and figure out how that got there. Her head came up and I backed away from the window, hiding behind the adjoining wall. I was sweating. I just watched my wife suck a guy off and enjoyed it!
I turned and walked towards the bathroom at the end of the hall. I was going to have to make a of noise or something to let them know I was there. I knew, I would call her and tell her I was on my way up. What the h***! I was making excuses to keep her from being embarrassed!
I didn't know where this was going but I was in for a penny, in for a pound, as they say.

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  • Stupidity is strong here to watch your wife do that and not have any form of manly emotions to do anything but simply f****** watch

  • Bet it was the best w*** of your life

  • She is w**** try to f*** her best friend , make her your w****

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