I did something incredibly stupid

I am humiliated and taking a big risk telling you this but I feel I need to.

I have worked very hard in my company to get to my level of Vice President. I don't have time to date so I spend most of my time working. I am relatively young for this position at 39 years old. I am told that I'm attractive and I work hard to maintain my fit swimmers body. I have a very high labido and I work hard to surpress it. I am thought of as very conservative by family and business associates.

I tell you all that to help you understand just how daring and stupid my actions were this business trip. I got back to my hotel late after all day meetings. Despite working hard I wasn't really tired. I took a hot shower and let my mind think about how I wanted to m********* when I got out of the shower. I soaked and shaved my entire body from my neck down then dried off.

I slipped on a very sheer night shirt and stood by my 5th floor window staring at the park across the street. As I looked out at the park I began to feel hungry.

Now here comes the daringly stupid part. The night shirt I wore left nothing to the imagination. It's just really comfortable and I like how it feels against my skin. As I stood in front of the mirror I could see my body in vivid detail. 'I'm hungry' I announced aloud to nobody, then headed for the elevator. My heart raced and my p**** got soaked as I heard my door latch behind me knowing that I left my key on the night stand. I wasn't even wearing slippers.

I had no idea if anyone else from my company was staying at this hotel. It was a little after 8pm when the elevator doors opened to the lobby. There was a young man getting on as I stepped off and he seemed to freeze in disbelief as I waked off. I could feel him watch me walk away which made my kitty even hotter. I get out of control when I get like this. I could feel my harden nipples rub agains my night shirt as my b****** bounced as I walked to the restaurant.

As I walked in the maitre'd looked me up and down then asked 'how many?' One I told him then he sat me at a table near a side wall. At first I thought he was going for an out of the way location so not many people would see me but then as I ordered and ate I realized my table was on the main highway to the men's room. Several men passed as I ate. Some even said hello as the passed. All these men were seeing me naked in public and I was loving it. How exciting this was. Each time a person would pass I would look to ensure I didn't know them. I prayed nobody from my company would pass which just heightened my excitement.

Finished with dinner I signed the check to my room and now had to deal with getting a key. I walked to the main lobby and peeked around the corner. There was a man behind the counter and 2 in line in front dragging suitcases. I confidently walked up and got in line. All three men kept turning to look at me as I acted aloof. The man in front of me was overt in his stare. He was studying my body. He asked me if I wouldn't mind turning around for him. I smiled and did a slow pirouette. When I returned to my original position he told me I had a pretty body and a nice ass. I didn't respond. After a wait of about 15 minutes I got my key and rode up to my floor with one other speechless gentleman and made it back to my room.

I immediately stripped off my nightgown, laid on the bed and masturbated wishing those men could see me now. I am so glad I didn't get fired the next day.

Feb 26, 2021

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  • Your human, that is not a problem!!!
    Having some fun is not bad, so enjoy it and have fun at times.

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