I hate you, but I love you. And I hate it.

You know what?
You can suck my 4957457 inch d***.

For a fooking year now, you’ve been at my school. We’ve been bestfriends ever since. I admitted to you a month after you came to our school, that I had a crush on you.
But, you’d still ask me questions, etc, about girls and whatever, and I did everything I could to help you. I never even got a thank you. I went through SO much pain helping you with your girl problems and girlfriends and stuff. And you never said thanks.
Your first girlfriend, was MY best friend. She knew I liked you, so did you. You guys both asked me if I was okay with it. What was I supposed to say? “No you cant date because I like him, blhablahblah.”? No, so of course I said yeah, its fine. I TRIED to be okay. I TRIED to be happy for you guys, but of course you’d come hang around me, holding each other and whatever. I just wanted you guys to LEAVE. Then you started getting me to help again. “Should I kiss her?!” “Does she want me to kiss her?!”, and I helped you AGAIN. No thanks, again.
You guys broke up eventually, and I was happy again. We were best friends like usual, all happy and whatever, then she came into the picture. His first girlfriends sister, who is now my best friend.
Once again, I did the usual help with questions, and it hurt again. They started dating and whatever, and I went through the same process as the first girlfriend. The girl eventually broke up with him, and I was happy again.
But, she always told me how she was never over him, etc etc. He said the same. They still always acted like they were together, until,

he liked me.
He admitted to me one day, that he started crushing on me. I was so happy, until I became second fiddle. It was always him and her, him and her, then they’d fight, and then it would be me and him. I tried to be angry, but I guess it was what I was waiting for. There were so many fights, and he STILL asks me girl problem questions. Ill never get it.

Like yesterday, we talked on the phone for an hour.
I bet tomorrow hes going to talk to her for two hours.

I hate you, you f****** player.
I love you, you f****** player.

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  • F*** him. Say how you felt with what he does then ditch his playing ass.

  • Dumb f**... let people that are normal be normal

  • Im being sarcastic, you f**. -_-

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