Proper southern woman

I am a proper Christian raised southern woman. My momma used to rent me in beauty contests. I married young and divorced after 25 years of marriage.

I have always kept myself in good shape. I add m blonde with blue eyes. I have what I think a woman’s body should look like. I’m a 36d 26 34.

I had to go back to work which was hard because I have always been spoiled. My new boss was sweet to me and helpful. I was very pleased when he asked me out.

We were dating for a few weeks when he introduced me to 4 of his friends. I wanted to look nice do I wore my pretty yellow flower print dress. The dress had a wire in the hem. When I stood or bent over I had to be careful because bumping into something or bending too far would reveal more then a proper lady should. We sat and had beer while the boys talked. I had to hold my dress down as I sat with my legs crossed holding on to my mans arm.

I was getting bored and wanted to leave. My boyfriend told me we wouldn’t be much longer. I insisted we leave now. He accused me of acting childish but I continued to insist. I wanted to go.

He told me if I didn’t stop acting like a child he would treat me like one. I didn’t far now I wanted my way. I continued to poke the bear and he finally had enough. He put his beer in the end table and said “excuse me for a minute guys!”then grabbed me behind my neck in in one fluid motion I found myself across his lap with my butt in the air. My dress hem flew up and he pinned it to my back. I laid there helpless with my white satin panties in plain view of all the boys. All I remember saying was “baby they can see my behind!” “Yes!” Was all he said as he yanked down my panties to mid thigh. My Lilly white behind and lord knows what else was visible to all the boys! That wasn’t all because he began to spank my behind hard! He swatted me about 10 times then threw me back to a sitting position with my panties still down them went back to talking to his friends.

After a few minutes he looked at me. I was do shamed. “Well?” Was all he said. I told him quietly that his friends saw me get my bare bottom spanked and he was the only one who should see my naked butt.

Since then as a punishment he has made me undress while he took pictures of every step on my undressing. He has made me touch myself and pleasure myself while he took pictures. Then he put them on the internet. I haven’t told him but it excites me to know so many men can see my naked body.

Feb 28, 2021

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  • I'd say you are a fortunate lady with a confident man who loves you enough to treat you this way. Be submissive and cherish your relationship.

  • I'd love to see you. Please email me

  • I put my fat c*** on the internet all the time. I know just how you feel when I get messages from young girls to women my mother's age telling me how sexy and confident I look rubbing my fat c***. Maybe we should get together. And I'd give you what you really and was just a very intense f******.

  • Can I be the first to say BULLSHIT FAKE POST

  • You know better than to put pics on the Internet.
    They are there for ever and even if he removes them they can be copied and reposted, not a real good idea in the long run. In my opinion!!
    Good Luck..

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