A Total 180

I'm a 57 year old man. 3 kids, divorced a remarried. When I was 25 I got married and 29 had my first child. At 31, I caught my wife cheating on me and after a lot of back and forth I couldn't find it in my heart to stay with her, so we set in the divorce.

Got remarried when I was 44 to my current wife, Gina. We had 2 more kids and our family was running great until 3 years ago. Much like my first wife she had cheated on me although this time it was just her mouth rather than full on **. But for some reason, I wasn't mad like last time, in fact I was turned on. Of course she was rather confused on why I was flipping out and we talked it out. We agreed that if the need were to arise we'd just find a quick sexual partner wither it be me or her. We've even swung with other couples in the past.

Even right now my wife is currently with a much younger gentleman and I can hear them from the other room. So I suppose my question is, why was I upset back than and not now. The situation was more or less the same so I'm just confused. I'd love to hear thoughts.

Next Confession

I want to f*** my cousins.

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  • At some point in your life you make a decision that you don't give a ** what your wife does or with who.

  • This happens to a lot of men. When young they are all about being that Alpha male. As they mature they start to realize how sharing their wives is such a turn on.

  • Perhaps you loved your first wife, more than your current wife. Or, your thought processes and views, regarding extramarital ** has changed over the year's, especially due to what you experienced with your first wife. Perhaps, its due to your age. A person continues to change with time, experiences and so forth. Who knows? As long as your wife and yourself are happy, does anything else really matter?

  • I divorced my first wife because she cheated, my 2nd wife did the same with the same result. I really did like both of them but the sneaking around part I just could not take.
    I actually believe that ALL wives do, sooner or later.
    Part of that best available male stuff, and usually they find the new guy is not as good as what they have at home.
    After a full decade, I met and married my current wife, and I pulled no punches in explaining to her that if she every cheated she had better tell me ahead of time, because if I caught her lying, it would be over.
    After a normal 6 years, she told me about a guy at work that kept hitting on her. I asked her if she wanted to sleep with him, she stammered a bit but told me she thought it would be fun, just something different.
    So I told her to go ahead, just come home on time.
    She did, and came home happy and made me happy. She didn't even balk when I said i wanted to get even, in fact, she helped, that was with her sister who was about 40 and lots of fun. There have been a few others, nothing serious.
    Thinking back, maybe once a year or so, usually just a one time thing although one guy she brought home and they did it on the couch in front of me. That was OK, but I prefer her just going out.

  • Perhaps you have come to realize her contentment and happiness is more important to you than your own

  • I know it worked out in the end but still. Getting cheated on by two different wives. Dang you can you really pick them

  • Your wife taking applicants? I'd like to take a turn

  • It sounds like your getting mellow with age like whisky does.
    We are constantly growing and maturing as we are getting older.
    So are you feeling different about it now and why, that one you have to answer, I can not.
    But it sounds like your more tolerant now than before..
    I'm my opinion.
    Stay well and safe!!!

  • So many good looking women out there.

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