Drunk enough to not care.

It was summer time, I was taking summer classes to get out of school early. My mom and dad had a shop in town and would leave early to open up. During the summer My cousin would stay with us to help my parents and and enjoy the beach. this was his third year with us he was now 16 and I was 20.
We lived in an old house, One day I had gotten up to get ready for school my mom and dad had left and my cousin was has far as I knew still sleeping.
Once in a while I thought I could hear something outside the bathroom, but only found our cat running around so I thought nothing of it.
One day I heard something and had thought it was our cat, after getting ready I went down stairs to eat before I headed out to find the cat was out in the yard.
So I heard this from time to time and found that it was not the cat at all. It was my cousin looking through the key hole as I was in the bathroom.
I wondered what I should do, he was a good kid and would get in big trouble if I told my mom and dad.
We had a lot of fun while he was with us, I would take him places he had never been or seen, we got along well. So I did nothing about it so he gets a peek.
One night I had gone to a party at a friends house and got a little to drunk. One of my friends drove me home, when I got to the door I was a little loud and my cousin came to the down and found that I was drunk, and told me that mom and dad had gone to sleep but to be quit he would help me get to bet. I was wearing shorts and a sweat shirt over a crop top. and no bra.
Once in my room he pulled the covers down and saw I was having trouble with my top, so he told me to be quit and he would help me, and in doing so saw some b***, then helped me with my shorts, only to find My I was wearing tiny lacy underwear.
He helped me into bed and I asked him if he would get me some water and a cool washcloth for my head. He he held the class as I had a sip and help the washcloth on my head for a bit till I fell asleep. He said he would check on me in a bit.
I was hot so I pulled the covers off of me, and had a hard time going to sleep I was just hoping to be as comfortable as possible He came back as he said and when he saw the covers off and my arms over my head and my b**** visible he said nothing to see if I was asleep. When he got close I could hear him ask if I was ok and then ask if I was asleep. I said nothing I rolled my head a bit to see him a bit better still making him think I was asleep.
I saw him looking at my b**** and before long he had put his hand on my head then my shoulder. I think he looking to find out how asleep I was.
Then a soft touch of my b***, he softly rubbed my chest and then down around my p****, I was so tiered but it did feel real real good, I opened up my legs a little so it would be easier for him. not long after he was rubbing my b*** with one hand and pressing his fingers in my p**** with the other.
I let him do this for a few minutes until I turned and held his arm and pulled it closer to me as if to say lay in bed with me. he was unsure if I had woken up or still very sleepy. he laid next to me and slowly I started to rub his c***. before long my cousin was on top of me with his c*** as deep as he could in me. we spent the next hour having s**. the next day I woke as if nothing had happened. But I would have done that every night if I could.

Mar 3, 2021

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  • Feeling a family member deep inside of you is amazing. Having them teach you how to make love is priceless.

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