Wife had a **

Well i was engaged with my wife at the time , an she used to go back home to the philippines when ever she could , she went back in the spring of 2017 before we were to marry in may, well didnt know she was still seeing her ex at the same time an they made the trip together ,my wife is in her 50`s an the boyfriend in his late 60`s well they pickup a local young guy and got a hotel room an she had ** with both of them an i mean she did things an begged for more . at the same time i know this because her ex made a video an post it on a web site (an its still posted ) its gets alot of likes an comments on it still , well i show the video to her an to this day she says its not her , ( he call her by name )that was almost 4 years ago , to this day i have never seen her with out clothes on or had ** , now that i been in the usa for the last yr got stuck here because of convin -19 ( found out shes still talking with her ex again n shareing videos calls with him **) i dont plan on going back to the philippines , an she depends on me for everything an i just cancel all the bank an credit cards, an left a text on her phone, she has a home an car there in her name she can have it ,she can sell them , her an her family now have to deal with not having a income , it sounds harsh what im doing , but until you live my life with all the lies ive been told , u would do the same

Mar 6, 2021

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  • When I got home from the Navy, this during the Vietnam thing, my wife was there and all seemed perfectly normal.
    I had seen her for a few days months apart, one period was 9 long months. She wrote me lots of letters, all tame.
    After a month I was in a bar having a drink with my friend Bobby, he has always been unable to keep his mouth shut while drunk. He told me my wife had been "putting out" as he called it, I didn't believe him and told him so.
    So, he mentioned the fact that my wife has a large dark brown mole on her left ** cheek, that only way he could know that is by seeing it. Even her bikini hides it.
    He told me it's no big deal, I think he realized I was getting dangerously upset.
    It took me a long time to figure it all out, and we ended up going our separate ways.
    I did get a bit of revenge about a year later, Bobby married one of my old girl friends and we had more than one repeat performance while he was at work at the mill.
    Then I went to work on the wife of a guy named Doug who played in a local band, got that one also twice.
    Just to create a fuss, I told them all about it, Bobby didn't even try and I won the fight with Doug rather easily.
    There were more but I said to ** with it, since I met Marti and she was a virgin on our wedding night, if the mess tells me anything. Nice faithful woman, 47 years now.

  • Nothing harsh about what you did and it's too bad you couldn't do more.

  • Where can we find said video??

  • P....,s,,,.com not hard too find

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