Dom wife's sister gets even

My wife has always been dominant not only to me but her older sister. She's short,big **,long hair and has a quick temper.
She can be a flirt and most women in our neighborhood distrust her around their husbands.
Her sister only a couple years older recently divorced has come out of the closet and has been seeing other women.
My wife thinks its funny and likes to make sick jokes with her about her now being a lesbian until one day her sister comes over with this cute ** girl and its my wife who starts flirting with her,maybe to just ** her sister off or maybe because she too has lesbian tendencies,either way it has her sister angry but she doesn't know what to do about it and also all the years of abuse start to come out.
So I'am in the backyard reading with a drink,the sister comes out and wants to talk,mainly about my wife and why she is like she is and can she do anything about it.
My suggestions at first are,"ok,sit down and talk." No good they tried that. "Write her a letter," no won't do any good.
So in desperation and kind of kiddingly I said "Well march in there and just knock her out."
She looks at me funny,then smiles,gets up and leaves.
I didn't think much of it untill a few minutes later I hear a commotion,then my name called and walk into the bedroom to find my sweet wife part way on the bed,her legs dangling and spread,arms out over her head,auburn hair scattered and eye's closed.
Her sister standing looking surprised,the young girlfriend almost hysterical,in fact she fainted just after I got there.
Wifey has only a thin pink thong on,too small for her size with her bushy hairy mound peeking out the sides,both big ** splayed out.
And she is OUT COLD!!
"I only hit her once on the jaw,omg is she ok?" she asks.
I checked her,she was unconscious,"Wow girl you really did it,knocked her out."
I checked the girlfriend who was already waking up and had her lay down next to my wife.
The story we got later was they were only trying on clothes and thats why both just had ** on,hmmmm maybe.
That one punch though did go a long way to getting some respect from my wife to her sister.

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