Jerked off in my friends moms underwear

A few years ago I was at a friends house playing video games. His mom came home from work and changed into her workout clothes and left for the gym. This lady is about 45 years old and is really a sexy woman. and her ass looks so got in the black leggings she had on a while later i used the bathroom and her room is across the hall from the bathroom. and i spotted the clothes she wore to work laying on her bed. I saw the black pantyhose and took a look at them and there was a tiny white thong with them. I balled up the hose and panties and took them home and jerked off into them so many times while i sniffed the crotch of the thong.later that evening my friend called me and asked if i was in his moms room because something was missing! he did not say what was missing. when i asked him he said he didnt know because he mom wouldnt say. m pretty sure she thinks i took her stuff. I still have them and maybe i should return them

Mar 16, 2021

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  • She KNOWS YOU took her PANTIES and HER HOSE.
    It was not very bright of you to do this.
    Buy some of your own next time (panties), and get some Woolite so you can hand wash them when your done.
    You shouldn't do what you did.
    She will never trust you again!!!
    Trust is a funny thing when you have it and lose it you can't get it back.

  • Wash in Woolite first.

  • Learn to spell, space, and punctuate before spinning tall tales.

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