I stole a black girls underwear

So yesterday I was working at a home that was owned by a black doctor. He was not home but his wife was and it just so happens that she is very attractive which is pretty unusual for that race. I could not take my eyes off this ladies ass. it was not your typical black girl ass this one was small and had a great shape. I could see her thong line through the white yoga pants she wore. I was able to look in her dresser drawer and found a huge amount of sexy thongs. I grabbed a few. red, black, blue and stuffed them in my pocket and took them home and stroked off into them. I pretty much destroyed the red thong. I blew a huge f****** load of pecker snot into them. I had to put them in the trash. I am pretty disgusted with myself for doing this. Not because i stole her panties but because she is black. I really do not like black people

Mar 23, 2021

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  • I have sniffed and tasted a nice looking black girls panties and she tastes real nice

  • That's OK. You'd be just as racist if you LIKED 'black people', which is just an abstract entity. At least you differentiate between individuals and populations.

    Race is obviously an important part of sexual attraction for many people, judging by how much race-based p********** there is and the sexual stereotyping that goes on.

    Funny how the anti-racists have no problem with that particular kind of racial stereotyping isn't it. They're an ideologically inconsistent lot.

  • You are a Very Disturbed Person!!!
    Go and get help today!!
    Your a sick head case and you really need help fast.
    How about this I don't like you because of what you did!!!!!
    And no race was even brought up!!
    Get help as soon as possible!!!!

  • She is worth more than you

  • Absolutely agree.
    The author of the original post is obviously a racist idiot.
    Many black girls are gorgeous to look at and have lovely personalities.
    I'm white and my girl Sarah is black .
    I love her so much.

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