A friend of mine OD'ed. His wife discovered him dead while she s

His wife was sleeping next to him and she discovered that he had died during the night. An autopsy revealed the cause of his death was from an overdose. He was not adverse to drugs.

He left her with a son not much older than a toddler.

I was going to take them out for pizza but she just disappeared. I believe she went to live with relatives in another state several hundred miles away. Even though shes on my facebook I doubt if I'll ever hear from her again.

Hopefully shes fund another man who can be a good stepfather to her unlucky child.

Mar 17, 2021

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  • You should ask her how she's doing. Maybe she needs someone who cares. That's so sad what happened.

  • It is sad!!
    It sounds like you are concerned for her or about her.
    She might need some time to get her head together, it would be understandable..
    Good luck in your future!!

  • I am very sorry to hear about your friend. I also think you wanted to get into his girlfriend's pants.

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