My wifes fantasy

My wife is a very attractive woman with red hair and green eyes. she is 5 feet 5 inches tall and 120 pounds. she has a very fit 34c 22 32 figure and is what most would think of as a conservative woman next door.

she recently confessed that she had a long time fantasy about being spanked. she told me that in her fantasy she was rude to me my friends and acting childish. in her fantasy i told her since she was behaving like a child she deserved to be treated like one and needed to be spanked. she also confessed that in this fantasy i order her to get undressed and spank her naked over my knee.

this stunned me because she is very modest and confessed that she thinks the humiliation and other men seeing her naked would be exciting.

I told her that it was just a fantasy and if the opportunity arose she wouldn't want to do it.

A few weeks later i had 3 of my buddy's over to watch a baseball game at the house. Sharon came home after being out with her friends and was a little drunk. we had made a bit of a mess. there were empty beer cans in the den and we spilled some of the nachos on the coffee table.

Sharon began to complain about the 'mess' and became rude and demanding. i was surprised by her behavior and asked if she was going to continue with her hissy fit! I told her she was being rude. "so what are you going to do about it!" she snapped. i saw what she was doing so i went along with it "if your going to act like a child i will treat you like one!" "really!?" she said. I took a nervous deep breath and said "come here!" she walked to me and stopped in front of me. "Take off your clothes! you are going to get a spanking!" i informed her looking her in the eyes.

her whole body began to tremble and she turned red in the face. her hands shook as she nervously reached to take off her skirt. she unzipped it and hesitated for a second and without breaking eye contact with me bit her bottom lip and let it fall. she was wearing white satin bikini panties. still trembling she took off her top and stood there for a long minute in her bra and panties as my friends looked on in amazement and anticipation of what was going to happen next.

Her hands wandered between her panties and her bra undecided what to take off first. she paused then reached behind her back and unfastened her bra. as she slowly let it slip off her shoulders i heard one of my buddies gasp when she revealed her b******. still facing me she slowly pulled down her panties and was now naked in front of my friends. i noticed that she was neatly trimmed down there leaving a small arrow shaped tuft of hair pointing down to her p****. her whole body seemed to be turning red with embarrassment.

i took her arm and pulled her to my right telling her to lay across my lap. when she knew they couldnt see her face she smiled and mouthed "im naked!" and laid across my lap. once in position i pushed her right leg off my knee spreading her legs open a bit. this position allowed my buddies a perfect view of her ass and p****.

I began alternately spanking and rubbing her ass. although i didn't hit her very hard. i did swat her 20 times and her ass was pretty red when i was done. "now, collect your clothes and go to bed. " i ordered. Sharon took her time picking up her things giving my buddies a good look at her nakedness and crimson ass.

once gone my buddies were stunned but smiling. one said he knew she was pretty but had no idea how perfect her body was. they all agreed.

When the guys left i went into the bedroom to my very happy and excited wife. she was so happy that she got to live out her fantasy. its all she talks about now.

Mar 20, 2021

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  • Awesome

  • We all have a fantasy, so she had a chance to live hers out, good for the both of you!!

  • Surprised that a women wants to be spanked ? Every women every where wants her ass slapped and to be dominated .
    And you did it in front of your friends ? Yeah, no you didn't .

  • Don’t believe it if it makes you feel better. She still talks about t and wants it to happen again this time with a few different friends

    My buddies were impressed that she got naked for her punishment. They still talk about it too. They loved her body especially her t*** and her pink

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