Suicidal Ideations

Throughout my teens I had serious suicidal ideations, and now at 20, even though s*** is not ideal, every day I'm happy to be alive.

Even at your lowest points, always remember, if Jim from Confessionpost could make it out, you will too.

Mar 21

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  • Never kill yourself!!
    You really have so much to live for and be as happy as you can be..
    Your a good person and you should tell yourself that every day and never for get it!!!!
    Have a Great Life!!!!!

  • I too had Suicidal thoughts, but I was not like all Cry cry cry and crying about it 24/7. I kept my thoughts to myself, I had no desire to live anymore, I had nobody and nothing to live for. So I tried to kill myself, it happened only once, I tried to throw myself off a cliff and break my neck and end my life as fast as possible. But the Cliff was not high enough, the fall could have made me survive, I would have broken my Neck and my legs, but death was not fast enough for me, I could not die quickly enough. So I had to forget about ending my life that day. I wanted to die, but I could not die fast enough. So I went home, went to sleep and I woke up the next day and I found myself looking for a job, and I went to work for 14 and a half years working construction and I moved Mountains of wood and lumber, so much of it. It could have filled up 30 Empire State Buildings, that how hard and painful my work was, and I never got thanked for any of it. So in a way, I beat my Suicide thoughts.

  • You're not alone

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