Say it as it is

I'm sick of sexual perverts categorising themselves as LGBTQ+ or whatever and having what they call "gay marriages" . Marriage is between a man and a woman . We hear so much nowadays about gay rights . Next thing you know peadophiles will start demanding their "human rights" to molest and rape children . With all this PC nonsense you can't say boo to a q**** anymore .

Mar 21, 2021

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  • Please come to grips with your sexuality. Whatever path you feel is okay. By your hatred of these groups you clearly reveal your self-hatred. Anytime I hear someone hating a group they always seem to get caught being a member of that group later on

  • Why do you need to put people in to a box and say that this box is good and that box is bad?
    I'm 2 Spirit Person and my wife knows all about me and she supports me and helps me with it.
    What is a 2 Spirit Person?
    We are crossdressers and we have both genders in us, if you try to suppress your female side you can and will suffer from depression.
    So she never thought that anything I do is bad, instead she would encourage me to try things so I tried Oil of Olay products and our female neighbor noticed my skin she said it looks glowing.
    As a result my wife and I are so close it actually shows and others can see and feel our relationship.
    we have been called Lovebirds and many other warm descriptions.
    We are so close we can say the same thing at the same time and we laugh then.
    She is my best friend and I am hers and it is so much fun, you might not be able to understand it but it is real and we live it ever day.
    We are all the same but very different so go and be the best person you can be and live a good life and have fun!!!
    We are!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well said. Good to hear from a normal person. I hate queers, lesbians and all the all the LGBT weirdos.
    There are TWO genders only,not f****** 32 or whatever the last count was .
    If you've a k*** between your legs you're a bloke .
    If you've got a f**** you're a bird.
    How hard was that to understand.
    All queers keep your perverted desires to yourselves. Most people find you disgusting.

  • You need to open your mind up, thing are going on around you and you don't know what is going on.
    There are more than 2, it far more complex than that.
    But I know your upset, you think one way and that can only be your way everontoe else is wrong.
    But I have a news flash for you it is really complex and mixed up.
    But just keep your mind open and you to can learn!!!
    Why do you think it is only a black/ white thing what about all of the grey areas?
    A girl that wants to play with boy things is called a Tomboy but what if the tables are turned and the boy wants to play with some girls things is the world going to come to the end no.
    But it really has a hard time accepting that a guy would like soft colors or the feel of soft fabrics.
    The world does seam to be not accepting, but the girl friend or the wife of one of these guys seems to understand and help.
    With that the gray area gets bigger.
    The world is not a small place, open up your mind!!!!!

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